The Gourman by Annamária Mikulik

Brooch  /  Figurative   Narrative

The Gourman brooch outlines the luxurious food we select to display our social status and to portray our adherence to trends in a way that’s detrimental to the economies proving it. It’s a metaphor of our selectiveness, portraying the spoilt rotten way of merging our breakfast, lunch and dinners into social media, Instagramming the taste out of our meals, hunting for clickbait and popularity in a sense that’s feeding our egos much more than our stomachs.
Are you hungry? A quick glimpse in your Instagram feed of choice reveals carefully curated menus of endless dishes, beautified through a plenitude of apps and distributed to millions of customers. Are you thirsty? Everything is
in reach, from the deliciously cotton candy colorized vanilla ginger organic chai latte to the blended flavours of your next best bio multivitamin king size smoothie.

Are you craving for more? Today we are replacing affordable grocery stores with extravagant alternatives, push out bodegas for yoga studios and irreparably alter the
hum. There is sincerity in this lifestyle, but also a lack of understanding of how impactful the shift is long-term. Food is losing its core sense of nutrition, while we are crowning our food on high pedestals and buying it for big money just to show off ourselves. / Ioana Cristina Casapu
Annamária Mikulik
The Gourman
Sugar, paper, metal, 24 carat gold foil.
7 x 12 cm

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