Annamária Mikulik

Published: 18.03.2021

A Product designer who actively applies the themes of sustainability and ecological principles in design. She has won many awards for product design. She is the founder of jewelry brand NATIF. She specializes in applying enamel techniques to contemporary jewelry and products. Her creativity is influenced by her various fields of studies.


With each coming decade, the Earth faces increasing danger and destruction, while the socio-cultural environment is transforming at an alarming rate. Even now, in times of pandemic, it is fully evident that it is still stronger than humanity. The project aimed to create five time-varying and degradable works, with an environmental theme. The project is a continuation of my successful previous work Nature - fake Illusions. The emphasis of the project is to reflect on the technological boom and temporality of human activity unable to compete with the forces of nature. Jewelry is created from time-degradable natural materials from the alternative of plastic - with finding new possibilities of using natural ingredients such as pollen, ash, plant seeds. The whole project draws attention to the problem with the current environmental consumer culture. The rings are in line with "cradle to cradle design principles" - a perfect fusion with nature.

Other jewelry is made by enameling technique. They connect old baroque forms, colors, and finishes. I tried to transform them into the contemporary form. The Éternelle project was inspiring in terms of gaining experience and developing skills with this rare and unique technique.

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Exhibition  16 Jun 2018 - 15 Sep 2018  NOD: On Full Volume in Lille.
Exhibition  20 Sep 2017 - 30 Oct 2017  Jewels & Chocolate.

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Magazine:  Autor Magazine #5. Autor:  Bucharest,  2018