Hello! My name is W by Benjamin Lignel

set of six brooches
photo: still - Enrico Bartolucci, Paris
portrait - Elène Usdin, Paris

Alongside the medal, which rewards military excellence, we find the trophy: no less a carrier of martial symbolism or an object of ornamental use, I found it surpasses the medal in indicating the flipside of victory, as it is usually procured directly from the carnage that conquest necessarily leaves behind. 

Quoth Melville, describing Ahab’s Ship:
“She was apparelled like any barbaric Ethiopian emperor, his neck heavy with pendant of polished ivory. She was a thing of trophies. A cannibal of a craft, tricking herself forth in the chased bones of her enemies.”

This set of brooches was created in response to the ANTI-WAR medals project initiated in 2003 by gallery Velvet da Vinci, in San Francisco.
Benjamin Lignel
Hello! My name is W
Dental gold, dental ceramics
dimensions variable, aprox 1,8 x 0,4 x 3,8 cm

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