Vade Retro! #2 by Catarina Silva

Necklace  /  Figurative   Pop
Vade Retro! #2 is one of the four pieces with the same title made in 2021, exploring the motifs of faces and masks.

As an object of protection for the 21st century, referring to a primitive origin when questioning the relevance and present function of the amulet or protective talisman, I designed a series of pieces of the apotropaic genre.

Under the idea of fear of death, in the double conflict between the unknown, that repels us, but that simultaneously attracts us as if in a vortex without return, possible magic or metaphysics appears.
In the image of Perseus‘ mirrored shield that protects the wearer by reflecting the evil eye and in the example of the armour object, starring this piece, a threatening or defensive quality emerges that, however, in its power seduces us. - Catarina Silva
Catarina Silva
Vade Retro! #2
Leather, mirrors, amber, glass beads, silver.
36 x 17 x 2.5 cm
Unique piece

Photo by:
Francisco Hartley

Estimated price: 1200 €
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