Wearable Shelter 2 by Centaine Wekking

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This collection of jewellery and objects has been inspired by the theme of security. A safe home base, also called a shelter, was the starting point for my objects. In these shelters, we can establish our senses of security and safety. This is expressed both in the use of materials and in each object’s form and mass. Because of its material, a ‘quick building block’ called Ytong, the object has a certain weight, as the feeling of security does. My portable shelters refer to the body. They can be worn or put down as an object. The use of leather refers to the domestic. The engraved flower pattern, and the atmosphere it evokes remind me of cosines at home. The incisions in the objects give the eye a certain viewing direction. When we look at one side of the object, we must not assume that this is all. The lines trigger our curiosity and urge to look beyond our first impression.
Centaine Wekking
Wearable Shelter 2
Ytong stone, leather.
15 x 10 x 20 cm
From series:
Wearable Shelters
Photo by:
Tresor Simpunga

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