‘Onopgemerkte schoonheid NR.1’ by Centaine Wekking

Necklace  /  Conceptual   Abstract
Published: 09.07.2021
Centaine Wekking
‘Onopgemerkte schoonheid NR.1’
Copper, silver, enamel.
17 x 54 x 1 cm
Photo by:
David Huycke
From series:
Onopgemerkte schoonheid Unnoticed beauty

Fungi are strongly present in our environment and nature. Most people aren’t aware of this, so my aim is to bring out the beauty of fungi, which is quickly seen as a dirty thing. Research shows how useful fungi enrich our lives and how some species can brighten up nature. ‘Unnoticed Beauty’ is a research in which the beautiful qualities of fungi and other organisms are translated into jewellery. It is an abstract reinterpretation of a fungus that becomes wearable on the body. The aim is not to literally copy a fungus, but to make the wearer admire the characteristics of fungi such as color, texture and form.
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