108 Points of View by Kaori Juzu

Installation  /  Abstract

108 small-scale sculptures of wearable jewellery are presented in this tableau which showcases a variety of enamelling techniques. The work is inspired by the significance of the number 108 in Buddhism, with temples in China and Japan tolling their bells 108 times at midnight on New Year’s Eve as a ritual of purification. The pieces of jewellery are created from remnants of previous projects and take simple abstract forms. In contrast to traditional enamelling techniques, here, the melting process has been disrupted to create areas of high contrast across the surfaces.
Kaori Juzu
108 Points of View
Enamel, glass, copper, 18kt gold, patinated Shakudo, bi-colour metal
70 x 70 x 3.5 cm
Unique piece

Photo by:
Anders Beier

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