Blaze by Kazuhiro Toyama

Object  /  Organic   Conceptual
Published: 16.02.2021
Kazuhiro Toyama
Stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass.
51 x 75 x 54 cm
Photo by:
Shinichi Ichikawa
From series:
Welding, thermal spraying.

Despite the enthusiasm for technology, contemporary society regards a green city as an ideal, based on an instinctive pursuit for nature in man. In his series "Biophilia", Kazuhiro Toyama tries to combine and implement these opposites of nature and city. He chooses metal as his material, which defines contemporary architecture, but uses it to express the beauty and strength of nature. At the same time, he wants to remind of the danger of environmental degradation towards which humans are heading and advocates living in harmony with nature. In his work, Kazuhiro Toyama sets the different melting points and melting methods of metal alloys and uses them for thermal spray techniques - intrinsically an industrial technology for coatings. He varies these experimentally for his own purposes by working with an acetylene torch and a plasma cutting machine on stainless steel wire. In his work, Kazuhiro Toyama not only deals with the topic of transformation and life but also with the importance of handicraft in the present. For him, craft means material research, dealing with traditional and modern techniques and their relevance for one's own work. Kazuhiro Toyama argues that especially in the current situation in which computer work has increased, handicraft objects convey warmth, inspiration, and authenticity.

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