Kazuhiro Toyama

Published: 14.04.2021
Kazuhiro Toyama Kazuhiro Toyama
1850013 -  Tokyo

Kazuhiro was born in Tokyo, Japan, and studied Metal Craft at Musashino Art University. He developed a new method, that was discovered from the time he faced with the materials as a practitioner in metal, adding new layers onto its history as one of the possibilities of contemporary craft.



Metal is considered as minerals or inorganic matter, is one of the elements of the Earth. Once I completely melt those metals, I reconstruct a new form to capture the moment of the changing elements of the earth, which had no shape at the beginning. The sea changes into the atmosphere and the body returns to the soil, transformation on the Earth happens to everything in any shape. I attempt to represent the unbroken chains of those phenomena which have the potential life form. The axis of my current series is based on the five ever-changing elements and also metamorphosed life activities such as fertilisation, birth, and symbiosis into vessel forms as my canvas.

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Award  09 Mar 2022 - 13 Mar 2022  Talente Competition 2022.
Award giving  23 Apr 2021 - 15 May 2021  BKV Prize 2021 Winners.
Award  10 Mar 2021 - 14 Mar 2021  CANCELED / Talente Competition 2021.