Sill in Cylinder by Kristina Neumann

Pendant  /  Conceptual   Abstract

The jury was impressed by the strong concept in the works by Kristina Neumann. Students usually live with their parents for a long time and, because of the good relationship with them, have no need to move out. The majority of this generation seems to be looking for security and stability. These works are to be seen as talismans for the younger generation. In addition, the jury found it exciting that the hanging and moving property of jewellery also makes a conceptual sense here: the necklace hangs close to the heart and when the wearer moves, the object carefully distances itself from the body.
Category: Jewellery.
Kristina Neumann
Sill in Cylinder
Redbrick from Canberra, polymer clay, 925 silver, melted, glue, cord.
4 x 8.2 x 2.9 cm
Talente Competition 2020

Photo by:
Simon Cottrell

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