Untitled by Margit Jäschke


The artist does by no means aim to simply contrast exuberant pomp with modest elements. Rather, she addresses issues of affluence, overabundance, and resource exploitation in a contemporary stance. When she elevates supposedly inferior, broken, or discarded, she acts allegorically in terms of a new aesthetic quality of recycling that can be accompanied by ethical and economic impulses. It might come as a surprise to invoke the field of discourse of the Cameroonian philosopher Achille Mbembe here, who has repeatedly spoken of the concept of “care & repair”: attention to everyday objects and the common course of their repair.

Quote from Susanne Altmann from the Silver on a paper tray. A twelve-linked chain of thoughts on the artistic program of Margit Jäschke. Published in the book, titled Margit Jäschke: Kairos, published by Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2022.

Margit Jäschke
Gold, silver gold plated, epoxy.
Photo by:
Mattias Ritzmann

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