Rhizome No.2 by Molly Wang

Brooch  /  Organic
Published: 05.11.2019
Molly Wang
Rhizome No.2
Oxidized copper, sponge, leather cord, silver steel.
7.5 x 4 x 75 cm
Photo by:
Molly Wang
From series:

No centrality, no hierarchy, no expectation, no restriction.
Molly's work is inspired by her passion for metalsmithing as it’s a low-tech and slow process allows for a more intimate relationship between her and her pieces. She enjoys the possibility of changing and creative freedom during making. They’re not planned nor can be fixed to a singular form. From the signifier to the signified, she creates the rhizome pieces to tell an expanding way of thinking and making, rather than the simple right way. She encourages wearers to experience the creative making process by observing and wearing her pieces in diverse ways without expectation and enjoy the freedom of wearing.
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