Falling Petals by Nina Faivre

Brooch  /  Abstract   OnBody   NewTalentsByKlimt02
BA 2019.

We all build an understanding of life based on our experience of events, persons, moments, that define a sense of ourselves and link us to the world. 
However, in the case of Amnesia the information we gather through life declines, fades and disappears.
In my work I translate this process through illustration to describe the feeling of fragility, and loneliness of those who suffer the malady. I take details from my drawings to create shapes and components and construct necklaces and other jewellery to continue this sense of a disappearing memory, a fading chain a fragile life.
Nina Faivre
Falling Petals
Silver, shell.
30 cm
From series:
Illustration of Amnesia
Photo by:
Miia Kota

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