Cube ring by Nina Faivre

Ring  /  Geometric   Conceptual
Published: 07.07.2021
Nina Faivre
Cube ring
Patinated brass, amethyst.
2 x 2 x 4 cm
Photo by:
Miia Kota
From series:
Don't tell anyone

Silence sometimes hides an unsuspected story. A story that you protect from the curiosity of others with particular care. It is a story that is sometimes shameful and sometimes happy. It speaks of a moment, a feeling, a person, a passion or anything else. This story is part of us no matter what happens. This story is a secret. Your secret. But, at the same time, don't you have the desire or curiosity to know the secrets of others? Maybe it's to make sure you can trust them, maybe it's just because there's nothing more intoxicating, more exhilarating than being able to crack a secret. Your secrets are like « joyaux »* that you protect, that you make inaccessible, that you hide or that you enclose. They play with you, sometimes touching you deeply. They are as well full of details and anecdotes that will make them unique, just like the many inclusions you can see in the gems of this collection. It is possible you have already confided a one to a trustful person, hoping you will never be betrayed. It endangers it by making it mobile such as the stones of few jewels that can move in the structures and follow your gestures. The pieces of this collection represent the secrets you preserve and keep within you. The gems are your secrets, the structures their protection. *joyaux (fr) : jewels made with precious stones and metals. The etymology comes from the ancient French word « joel » which means play, illustrating the play of light on the piece due to the high shine of the stones and the polished metal ». 
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