I like jazz by Olga Kazakova

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The Spring Music series is dedicated to the cocktail culture of the Art Nouveau, jazz, epatage and female emancipation era of the roaring 20s. The series currently includes a bracelet, a brooch and three cocktail rings. Each piece of jewelry is dedicated to the music of that era: the charleston, waltz, jazz, ragtime. I used unconventional materials in all the jewelry: zippers, cables, aluminum. My task was to use modern materials to reproduce the plasticity and aesthetics of the Art Nouveau style: the elegance of the lines, airiness and lightness, crispness of the contours, flowing forms and dynamic patterns. The "I Love Jazz" ring is part of the "Music of Spring" series and is dedicated to jazz. Clear lines of the ring remind a musical note, natural curves and simple forms are sustained in the Art Nouveau style. 
Olga Kazakova
I like jazz
Zipper, steel cable, aluminum, acrylic.
3.5 x 14 x 2.5 cm; Ring size: 17.5
Unique piece

From series:
Music of spring

Estimated price: 540 €
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