Olga Kazakova

Published: 07.03.2022


I was born and live in Moscow. I studied Architectural bionics at the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARHI), graduated from the Moscow Institute of Graphic Arts and Book Art named after A. V. Favorsky with a degree in graphic arts and was engaged in graphic design, illustration and calligraphy. Since 2010, I have been an artist and a designer of jewellery items.
I specialize in creating many different shapes from a single element – such as, for example, a spiral. I admire their infinite variety. I am also inspired by natural fractals. They form stunning symmetrical patterns and textures with mathematical precision, ingenuity, and the divine beauty of repetition. Every day I explore different ways of adding shapes, ranging from simple to complex, using modern uncommon materials. I work with zippers, foam rubber, steel wire, steel cables, plastic, dish sponges, foil, tea strainers, and other unique items. I am interested in the principle, regularity, consistency, and concept of form, so my label is called Formeconcept. I like to study and add shapes and observe the process of creating objects from supplies whose properties are used for other purposes.

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Fair  19 Sep 2020 - 29 Nov 2020  JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects Fair 2020.