Big Sucker by Teresa Milheiro

Photo by Luis Pais
This work is an object to pierce on the body as a leech and a octopus.
When the leech is pierced on the body it has a continuous blood sucking and the octopus has several tentacles to reach all the sources he wants. While the piece would be pierced in the body it would become larger. The concept from this work is based on the a analogy between an animal who lives from sucking blood from another animal and the big power ountries that are permanently sucking the natural riches from vulnerable countries leaving any chance for sustainable developing.
The black color is connected with the black gold (oil) and the search for these sources that supposedly are becoming more rare.
The form from the object is connected with those animals that where above-mentioned with a big head in black resin that is the main center body and the big flexible legs to reach completely different points of search and with the gold needles on the end legs that means just the countries with, money, power , technology and knowledge can make the prospection from oil and the other riches (as gold, diamonds etc).
The elegance and perfection of the object form, means the political talk, very correct, very polite to control, dominate and force the vulnerable countries to accept the rules.
That seems to be a new form of colonialism.
Teresa Milheiro
Big Sucker
Resin, pigment, silicone, silver with bath gold
4,5 x 3,5 x 29 cm

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