In Form by Ute Röseler

Installation  /  Installation   OnBody
A collaboration between the CIT fashion design graduates and ANU gold and silver smithing students, resulting in a show at the Gallery Of Australian Design, Canberra, Australia. Those pieces, the garments by Stephanie Cooper and the objects by Ute Röseler demonstrate the process of development and making. Like first models, the garment as well as the underlying support to the left are made of paper and cheap sketching fabric, quickly assembled by rough stitching. Some parts are replaced by materials of our trade, fabric and metal in the garment to the right. The ensemble to the right can be understood as a final piece, made of fabric and metal only. Whereas the first object is supporting the garment, the object moves around the body, raising higher and changing it´s functionality. 
Ute Röseler
In Form
Paper, aluminium, thread, screws, fabric.

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