Animal Instinct by Viktoria Münzker Ferus

Necklace  /  Organic   Abstract
The Art magazine Award at Art Jewelry Night Budapest 2019.

Nature has rules. But nature is also chaos. It has multiple possibilities. Amidst the chaos, there is harmony. The freedom of expression lies in nature. We are controlling our outer expressions. We make rules for ourselves because we want to know how far we are willing to go. We go beyond the limits and break the rules because we want to know ourselves. Animals Instinct necklace is made off traditional jewelry materials like metal or mother of pearl, but also an animal skull. The construction is inspired by the natural form of a medusa and Lillies. When you change your point of view,  you will see either chaos and confusion, or you will experience creativity and communication.
Viktoria Münzker Ferus
Animal Instinct
Brass, bronze, driftwood, rubies, silver 925, rabbit skull, mother of pearl, ink, micro-granules.
27 x 18 x 7 cm
From series:
Cycles of Nature
Photo by:
Viktoria Münzker Ferus

Estimated price: 1500 €

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