Ethnic Jewellery

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Published: 05.01.2007
Ethnic Jewellery.
John Mack
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Lund Humphries Publishers
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208 pages, paperback, colour images and black & white illustrations and maps, text in English, 28 x 21.5 cm
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The colour and exuberance of traditional jewellery has always attracted collectors and travellers. African beadwork, North American Indian silver, jade from the Far East and shellwork from the Pacific - these are just some of the beautiful pieces surveyed in this book. A team of experts explains how such jewellery has been made and worn, the relationship of the materials to the culture, and how the techniques of manufacture have survived for centuries. Even today traditional jewellery is still being made, although the repertoire is constantly enriched by new materials and influenced by modern taste.
Ethnic Jewellery is a beautifully illustrated survey of traditional jewellery that covers Africa, The Middle East
India, The Far East, The Pacific, Pre-Columbian America, Latin America (Indian) and North American (Indian). 

Este volumen contiene el color y la exuberancia de la joyería étnica. El trabajo con cuentas africano, la plata americana nativa y el jade del Este lejano son algunos de las hermosas piezas.