Talente Competition 2016

Award  /  Schmuck - MJW 2016  /  24 Feb 2016  -  01 Mar 2016
Published: 03.12.2015
Talente Competition 2016.
Internationale Handwerkmesse Munich
Chi-man Chan. Vase: Cylinder in cylinder, 2015. Porcelain, underglaze decoration. 12.5 x 17.5 x 17.5 cm. Chi-man Chan
Vase: Cylinder in cylinder, 2015
Porcelain, underglaze decoration
12.5 x 17.5 x 17.5 cm
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Talente 2016 presents the work of 102 artists, designers and craftsmen from 26 countries in 12 different areas of production. This year Talente has also participants from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, South Africa and Argentinia. Talente will show innovative and very different works in glass, ceramics and jewellery as well as a very large selection of textiles. The works are inspired by considerations of material and re-use, the specific haptic and visual qualities of materials and the effect of their combination. The artists experiment with various surfaces and use materials in unusual ways. It is fascinating to observe how surfaces contrast and harmonize how perfection and decay are evoked.
Other interests are nature, the meaning of home and country, memories and emotional ties, environmental protection and the combination of new technical possibilities and traditional craftsmanship. The different ideas and approaches result in fascinating ideas, different conceptual and aesthetic approaches and in a very interesting as well as forward looking exhibition.
As in the last years, an unusual high number of applications arrived for “Talente” from the field of jewellery. The young artists show a special interest in the techniques and ideas of the collage and the use of unusual materials like basketry, ceramic, plaster, textile and different stones. The works concentrate more on the surfaces themselves less on decorative embellishments. In many instances they emphasise the archaic and rough side. A pattern is also created by the materials themselves.

Selected Artists:

Paul Adie, Tata Akhatova, Irene G. Barrera, Dovile Bernadisiute, Shachar Cohen, Maria Camila Fernández, Katrin Feulner, Veronika Gocová, Steffi Götze, Jonathan Hens, Annie Huang, Sarah Yeonjeong Kim, Maria Kobelová, Eölisa Lutteral, Aiza Mahmood, Thanh-Truc Nguyen, Darja Popolitova, Eva Ruzickova, Nina Sajet, Dana Shapira, Nelly Stein, Janina Stübler, Fanmiano Tang, Edu Tarin, Karen Vanmol, Sanna Wallgren, Kun Zhang
Barr Abayov, Naama Ben Moshe, Ronja Fell, Elene Hulleman, Bellalucy Irving, Dorothea Lang, Ortal Levi, Keren Peleg, Elisabeth Petzold, Caro van Rens, Ma'ayan Rotem, Dana Sacagiu, Caroline Stephen, Emilie Thirion, June van der Woude, Maya Zakai
Danubio Antunes Sampaio, Max Betsch & Kollegen, Technik/technics
Benedict Boderius, Stefanie Brehm, Ferdinand Daniel, Lena Popiolek & Co., Clara Sophia Uerlichs
Sarah Bartmann, Hsiao-Shu Chen, Sarah Domaratius, Corinna Petra Friedrich, Melanie Glöckler, Jaejun Lee, Yukie Maezawa, Katarzyna Malik, Jieun Oh, Claudia Thumm, Hyun myung Yang, Agnieszka Katarzyna Hernik
Daniel Becker, Aneta Koutna, Ju-hyung Park
Adéla Bláhová, Alexander Emil Deubl, Felicitas Fäßler, Joanna Kasperkiewicz, Petra Kmoštáková, Pavel Kopřiva, Becky Lauzun, Marcin Litwa, Jakub Mendel, Jakub Neufuss, Helmi Remes, Nazerke Touletay
Marianna Carazzai, Antwan van Delft, Carina Deuschl, Michael Drs, Kilian Frieling, Nikolaus Hößle, Stefan Jocham, Quentin Lebrun, Franz Leonard Sommer, Albert Teller
Matthew Galloway,Kate Hursthouse, Zoe Kerckhof, Mariana Mejia Suarez
Bastian Gröbel
Kotoha Iwamoto, Yi-Seul Shin, Kamiyama Takuya
Suzanne Oude Hengel, Neta Soreq
Birgit Severin
Helmi Remes. Sculpture: Rootless, 2015. Glass. 83 x 18 x 18 cm. Helmi Remes
Sculpture: Rootless, 2015
83 x 18 x 18 cm
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Sarah Bartmann. Object: Interstellare Talfahrt, 2015. Ceramic, metal, concrete, brick. 25-135 cm x 25-35 cm. Sarah Bartmann
Object: Interstellare Talfahrt, 2015
Ceramic, metal, concrete, brick
25-135 cm x 25-35 cm
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Nikolaus Hößle. Object: Klapp Klapp, 2015. Wood, fabric. 50 x 36 x 36 cm. Stool. Nikolaus Hößle
Object: Klapp Klapp, 2015
Wood, fabric
50 x 36 x 36 cm
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Stefan Jocham. Object: Untitled, 2015. Oak, oiled, MDF. 140.7 x 46 x 46 cm. Stefan Jocham
Object: Untitled, 2015
Oak, oiled, MDF
140.7 x 46 x 46 cm
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Corinna Petra Friedrich. Vessel: Untitled, 2015. Stoneware. 9 x 10 x 10 cm. Corinna Petra Friedrich
Vessel: Untitled, 2015
9 x 10 x 10 cm
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June van der Woude. Textile: Untitled, 2015. Wool, latex, scuba, embroideries with pearls and sequins, acryl colour, hand printed. Bust: 84 cm Waist: 69 cm Hips: 93 cm. From series: A Never Ending Story. Ensemble. June van der Woude
Textile: Untitled, 2015
Wool, latex, scuba, embroideries with pearls and sequins, acryl colour, hand printed
Bust: 84 cm Waist: 69 cm Hips: 93 cm
From series: A Never Ending Story
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Maya Zakai. Bag: Untitled, 2015. Felt. Linen, wool. 31x 47x 9 cm. From series: The Chronology Of Folding. Maya Zakai
Bag: Untitled, 2015
Felt. Linen, wool
31x 47x 9 cm
From series: The Chronology Of Folding
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Dovile Bernadisiute. Brooch: Untitled, 2015. Dry paint, Titan, stainless steel. 12 x 6 x 1 cm. Awarded at: Talente Competition 2016. From series: Layers of Paint. Dovile Bernadisiute
Brooch: Untitled, 2015
Dry paint, Titan, stainless steel
12 x 6 x 1 cm
Awarded at: Talente Competition 2016
From series: Layers of Paint
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