Open for Free

For all our readers with moving restrictions, Klimt02 has decided to leave all contents at our website open for free to consult until May 20th. We think it is important to stay connected, to trust in the network and to put the effort into encouraging feedback for all of us. Klimt02 is here to communicate your work, your effort, and thoughts to the world.

Everyone can access and use our facilities at home to profit from more than 8770 items in our database.

It is a good time to read, learn and reflect. That is why we propose to highlight the contents of some of our series we have been working on in recent years on very important issues in our professional field:

> The Crisis of Art Criticism. An investigation on fascination, opposition and the devaluation of criticism.
> Market & Contemporary Jewellery
> Selecting: Communicating Knowledge. A compilation of the insights of the curatorial task

We also recommend you to follow our Virtual Exhibitions Series, where we are compiling shows canceled due to the Covid-19 issue.

Finally, if you have any suggestions or you want to communicate anything regarding the above, please mail us:

Stay safe, 
Klimt02 Team