Today More Than Ever

Since the negative impact of COVID-19 on the art world and those self-employed in our community, we want to let you know that we are here to support you. We believe in the work of all of us and the actions we take, are more important than ever.

At the moment, Klimt02 is monitoring the situation and tries to find ways to help those affected by the virus. Be aware of our position as an online platform,  there are advanced techniques and tools we can use to connect all of us in the time of social distancing. We are committed to our work and will be assisting you through the next weeks. 

Virtual Exhibitions

As many events have been canceled or postponed, sales have dropped and collectors can’t show up to the shows, we understand there are numerous hours spent and much effort for preparation, they are deserved to be shown. According to this, we have opened a call for virtual exhibitions, in which you can communicate your show through our web and social media channels. This offer is not only an advantage for the artists, museums, and galleries, but also for those of us who have to stay in their homes or are not allowed to travel. 

Open for Free

For our readers we offer selections of readings for free.
We are currently offering Selected Articles on The Topic Artists.

It is a good time to read, learn and reflect. That is why we propose to highlight the contents of some of our series we have been working on in recent years on very important issues in our professional field:

> The Crisis of Art Criticism. An investigation on fascination, opposition and the devaluation of criticism.
> Market & Contemporary Jewellery
> Selecting: Communicating Knowledge. A compilation of the insights of the curatorial task

Finally, if you have any suggestions or you want to communicate anything regarding the above, please mail us:

Stay safe, 
Klimt02 Team

There have been as many plagues as wars in history; yet always plagues and wars take people equally by surprise
/ Albert Camus, The Plague