Cominelli Foundation Award 2014

Award  /  30 Aug 2014  -  05 Oct 2014
Published: 07.02.2014
Cominelli Foundation Award 2014.
Fondazione Cominelli
Maria Rosa Franzin & Rossella Tornquist
DEADLINE: 07/04/2014
View of Lake Garda from Fondazione Cominelli..
View of Lake Garda from Fondazione Cominelli.

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The selected artists for 2014 edition of the award are announced. Check the list!
The Cominelli Foundation, together with agc, organises and promotes the Cominelli Awards. This year once again a section was dedicated to training in Universities, Institutes and Schools in the jewellery sector. In 2011 the Polytechnic of Milan, in 2012 the College of Art of Edinburgh, in 2013 the Tokyo University of Arts and Music.
The scope of this section is to present and confront different formative directions within the “jewellery” field, the different orientations, from design to artistic and handcraft training, getting the formative peculiarities of each reality to emerge.

This year, an exhibition will present the projects and prototypes of the Jewellery and Metalsmithing Departments at the Pietro Selvatico Art Institute in Padua.

About the Fondation

The Fondazione Cominelli,
in carrying out its cultural activities has now come up with an articulated project where it becomes a reference point for the applied arts, not only for exhibitions, but also as a place where applied art “is done”; it does this by organising workshops and conferences on the subject; of this complex panorama it has chosen to present and delve into some sectors only: photography, ceramics and jewellery.

The Fondazione Cominelli is sided by agc which organises and promotes the event. Agc has already promoted other projects on the national territory. Agc, (Contemporary Jewellery Association) founded in June 2004, has, among its statutory objectives, that of drawing attention to the value of the contemporary jewellery culture and spreading it. Contemporary jewellery today represents a sector of advanced research and experimentation of new expressive languages as well as exploiting the personal ornament concept. In close contact with the international community, the association follows up a series of initiatives aimed at promoting a constructive and synergistic confrontation with other artistic and productive realities.

About the award:

Prof. Ramon Puig Cuyas will select 40 participants.
The selection will adopt assessment criteria that will take into consideration the technical/artistic quality, originality and contemporaneity, by accurately assessing, during the registration phase, the photographs of the pieces to be presented.
Agc will have no decisional power, nor will it have any say regarding the applications for participation, due to the fact that the jury is external to the association.
The agc will have no decisional power, nor will it have any say regarding the applications for participation, the jury coming from outside the association.

The Jury:
Michele Cassarino, Chairman Cominelli Foundation
Ramon Puig Cuyas Prof. Escola Massana
Fausto Maria Franchi goldsmith
Rita Marcangelo curator Permanent Collection Cominelli Foundation A member Cominelli Foundation

The Award:

The first prize will be awarded to the participant showing the qualities or abilities that merit special recognition, the second prize to the artist with the most innovative technique and then come the third prize and three special mentions.

Selected artists:
Alejandra Solar, Alja Neuner, Babette Von Dohnanyi, Barbara Uderzo, Claire Lavendhomme, Claude Schmitz, Diana Dudek, Fabiana Gadano, Farrah-Al Dujaili, Flora Vagi, Francine Schloeth, Fumiki Taguchi, Gabi Veit, Hana Choi, Heidemarie Herb, Heiko Nakahara, Isabell Schaupp, Jessica Turrell, Judy McCaig, Karen Vanmol, Karin Roy Andersson, Marco Minelli, Marianne Schliwinski, Melissa Cameron, Michael Berger, Niki Stylianou, Nicole Taubinger, Silke Trekel, Sungho Cho, Trinidad Contreras, Ulrike-Kleine Behnke, Vivi Touloumidi, Yong Joo Kim, Yu Hiraishi


The first prize will be awarded to one of the participants selected for the “Premio Fondazione Cominelli” exhibition on contemporaneity in the jewellery research world.

The competition is open to artists from all over the world.

The exhibition was conceived as an opportunity for goldsmith artists and designers to show their work and contribute to further spreading the knowledge of contemporary jewellery. There is no set limit to the materials they use, the measurements must not, however, exceed 15x15 cm and diameter 20 cm max.

Registration for selection must be submitted no later than 31th March 2014 and is subject to applications being sent to: and to the payment, via banker’s draft, of the fee of € 35.00
or by PayPal of the fee of € 40.00

The application material must be sent no later than 31st March 2013

The material shall consist of a CD with two folders
- ONE with 5/8 LOW resolution 72dpi digital pictures
- ONE with 5/8 HIGH resolution 300dpi digital pictures of the artist’s own work produced during the last two years
- A brief description of the concept of the artist’s work and an updated curriculum vitae, all in English and Italian. For foreign participants: in English language only.

In this specific case the pictures must have the following characteristics:
Resolution: one folder in 72 dpi and one folder in 300 dpi
Format: .jpg
Dimensions: smallest side = 15 cm.
Captions: year produced, materials used, title.

The images should have a neutral background preferably white.


- The CD with the information must be sent by post to:
- Maria Rosa Franzin c/o Istituto d’Arte/Liceo Artistico Pietro Selvatico,
Largo Meneghetti 1 35121 Padova, Italy

- The material shall also contain personal details such as: surname and name of artist, place and date of birth, phone, fax, e-mail address, website/blog.

Quality, innovation and artistic research will be fundamental selection criteria.
The information material sent with the application for participating in the selection will not be returned and will become part of agc records.

Prof. Ramon Puig Cuyas will select 40 participants.

The participants will be informed about the outcome of the selection via e-mail
by 30th April 2013
On that same date, the participation procedures, number of pieces to exhibit, date of shipment, etc. will also be communicated.


Bank transfer info: payment of registration fee
agc, c/o UNICREDIT BANCA, agenzia di Cremona, piazza Roma.

Bank Coordinates:
CIN: EU 28
ABI: 02008
C/C-IBAN: 000040371440
IBAN CODE: IT28 P0200811 4000 00040371440

Please specify in reason for payment: participation to Premio Fondazione Cominelli


Permanent Collection:
With the fifth edition of the Fondazione Cominelli Award for Contemporary Jewellery 2014, there will also be the exhibition of the works of the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Jewellery; each edition will enrich the Collection with new works, some by the competition participants and others by artists selected by the Gallerist Rita Marcangelo.
Artist represented in the permanent collection:
Adrean Bloomard, Alba Polenghi Lisca, Agnes Larsson, Amira Jalet, Barbara Paganin, Barbara Uderzo, Beate Eismann, Bernhard Stimpfl Abele, Carla Riccoboni, Carole Deltenre, Catarina Hällzon, Corrado De Meo, Dana Hakim, Diana Dudek, Donna Brennan, Eiko Nakahara, Elisabetta Duprè, Emanuela Deyanova, Eugenia Ingegno, Fabrizio Tridenti, Farrah Al Dujaili, Francine Schloeth, Giancarlo Montebello, Gigi Mariani, Giovanni Sicuro, Gisbert Stach, Giulia Savino, Hadas Levin, Heejin Hwang, Heidemarie Herb, Yu Hiraishi, Isabel Schaupp, Jie Sun, Jimin Kimin, Joohee Han, Judy McCaig, Kaori Yuzu, Katrin Spranger, Kazumi Nagano, Liana Pattihis, Makoto Hieda, Meiri Ishida, Mi-Mi Moscow, Margherita De Martino Norante, Marco Minelli, Maria Rosa Franzin, Marta Hryc, Maurizio Stagni, Michelle Taylor, Nikolai Balabin, Patrizia Bonati, Rita Marcangelo, Rossella Tornquist, Sam Tho Duong, Sanna Svedestedt, Satomi Kawai, Seulgi Kwon, Shu-Lin Wu, Silke Trekel, Simone Giesen, Sungho Cho, Suzanne Beautyman, Tamara Grüner, Uli Rapp, Yuki Sumiya.

The Permanent Collection has become an important international reference point for collectors, experts and all those with an interest in contemporary jewellery.

Cominelli Foundation Award for Contemporary Jewellery / Premio Fondazione Cominelli per il Gioiello Contemporaneo FOURTH EDITION the exhibition that will be held at Palazzo Cominelli Cisano di San Felice del Benaco, Salò, Brescia, Italy
from 31th August 5th October 2013

30th August 2014, 6.30pm

Organised and promoted by:
the Fondazione Raffaele Cominelli
agc associazione gioiello contemporaneo

Last years edition:

40 artists from all over the world were selected to take part in the competition by gallerist Mrs. Isabella Hund. Cominelli Foundation is proud to present the winners 2013:

1st Prize: Gigi Mariani
Gigi Mariani's works express a strong tension determined by the marks, fractures and cracks in the elements. Proportions play a large role, so as the niello technique used, enhancing the form and the technical abilities. A strong primordiali quality comes through in Mariani's works, that is accentuated by the dark colour obtained through the niello technique.

2nd prize: Makoto Hieda
In Makoto Hieda's jewellery, empty space plays a major role, space that has been shaped by an ethereal sense of shape and the capacity to express refined tactile qualities. An additional factor that is of intrest is the presence of mobile elements inside the main structure, space that seems as though it is made, so to speak, of air and movement.

3rd prize: Elisabetta Dupré
Elisabetta Dupre's brooches communicate a rare formal sensibility and a superb technique. Her pieces have an irregular variable configuration and the mobility of the elements almost gives the impression of a living organism, delicate but at the same time loaded with a condensed strength.

Special mentions to:
Suzanne Beautyman, Emma Francesconi, Jessica Turrell

Gigi Mariani. Ring: Cracks / Crepe, 2012. Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina. Gigi Mariani
Ring: Cracks / Crepe, 2012
Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Makoto Hieda. Brooch: Cocoon, 2012. Stainless mesh. Makoto Hieda
Brooch: Cocoon, 2012
Stainless mesh
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Elisabetta Dupré. Brooch: Mesh surfaces, 2011. Silver 925, gold 850, oxidations. Elisabetta Dupré
Brooch: Mesh surfaces, 2011
Silver 925, gold 850, oxidations
© By the author. Read Copyright.