Premis Ciutat de Barcelona 2018 awarded to Marc Monzó

Award giving  /  14 Feb 2019
Published: 22.02.2019
Marc Monzó. Brooch: Gate, 2018. Silver, steel.. Marc Monzó
Brooch: Gate, 2018
Silver, steel.
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The jury, formed by Nani Marquina, Ricardo Duque, Jonathan Millán, Cristina Nogué and Moisés Puente, unanimously agree to award the design prize to the collection Level by the jeweler Marc Monzó in the Design category.
As every year, the City Council of Barcelona announces the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona with the aim of recognizing the creation and quality research carried out in Barcelona.

The works that are part of 'Level' are a set of pieces with a structural nature. These are naked skeletons that outline areas; their function would be similar to that of a three-dimensional map. Some of these compositions are inspired by small ephemeral constructions of gardens or topography measurement tools.
/ Marc Monzó

Marc Monzó. Brooch: Untitled, 2018. Silver, copper, steel.. Marc Monzó
Brooch: Untitled, 2018
Silver, copper, steel.
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