Cominelli Foundation Award 2012

Award  /  01 Sep 2012  -  03 Oct 2012
Published: 14.09.2012
Cominelli Foundation Award 2012.
Fondazione Cominelli
Maria Rosa Franzin & Rossella Tornquist
Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele. Brooch: Orange Explosion, 2012. Fine silver-oxidized/polystyrenee, electro formed. 15 x 15 x 5 cm. Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele
Brooch: Orange Explosion, 2012
Fine silver-oxidized/polystyrenee, electro formed
15 x 15 x 5 cm
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Cominelli Foundation’s International Competition for Contemporary Jewellery 2012

The 3rd edition of the Cominelli Foundationís International Competition for Contemporary Jewellery 2012 organized by the Foundation and the AGC Contemporary Jewellery Association took place in the prestigious headquarters in San Felice del Benaco.

43 artists from all over the world were selected to take part in the competition by Maria Cristina Bergesio, presenting their latest research in the contemporary jewellery field.
There was also great interest in the pieces presented in a special section by the students of the Jewellery & Silversmithing - Edinburgh College of Art University of Edinburgh - School of Design, directed by Prof. Stephen Bottomley.

The Cominelli Foundation`s Permanent Collection of contemporary jewellery was enriched by a selection of 13 artists by the gallerist Rita Marcangelo.

This year the video section was carried out by 3 students of Accademia LABA, Brescia. AGC thanks Prof. Dario Bellini, Director of the multimedia course, for their contribution.

Jasmin Matzakow
- 1st prize ex aequo - Euro 1.500,00
Seul-Gi Kwon - 1st prize ex aequo - Euro 1.500,00
Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele - 2nd prize - laptop

Honorable Mentions
Emmanuel Lacoste
Zoe Robertson
Chiara Scarpitti

Chairman of the jury: Daniel Kruger, goldsmith, teacher sculpture/jewelry Art School in Halle
Michele Cassarino, chairman of the Cominelli Foundation
Maria Cristina Bergesio, historian of jewellery and contemporary jewellery
Mirella Cisotto Nalon, head of cultural activity, the Council of Padua
Rita Marcangelo, gallery owner, administrator of the Cominelli Foundation's Permanent Collection
Massimo Tedeschi, editor-in-chief Corriere della Sera, Brescia supplement
Ludwig Reinhold, director of Art Aurea magazine

Motivations of the Prizes
The participation this year was dominated by young talent and therefore the jury decided to take up this aspect and promote upcoming jewellery makers.

1st prize
The jury's choice for the first prize could not be resolved, so it was decided to split the first prize between both the favoured artists. This decision was made because the two submissions, though from opposite positions, were deemed to have the same level of quality in innovation, in the use of materials and investigation. Both of the artists' works presented attention to detail and revealed a sensitivity in their fine craftsmanship.
Jasmin Matzakow's two brooches carved in precious wood represent abstract forms that are discovered and gradually removed from the material in a meticulous painsaking systematic process, revealling an inner life of the material she works in.
Seul-Gi Kwon builds up organic forms in silicone reminiscent of sea life, playing with colour, texture and forms. The transparency in the material almost evokes the delicacy of murano glass in spite of the warm and oily quality of the silicone they are made from.

2nd prize
The second prize has been awarded to Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele for his electroformed brooches combining the unconventional use of fine silver and polysterene and orange peel. In these pieces he creates an unusual combination of textures that are perceived mainly by the eye instead of the hand.

Honorable Mentions
The three nominations are to Emmanuel Lacoste's scenographic photographs enquiry into the status of jewellery, its symbolic and historical value and the ultimate ephemerality of these qualities.
For Zoe Robertson's bubbleshaped brooches and their humerous combination of and sensitive use of uniform colour and patterned areas and to Chiara Scarpitti's fine and poetic imagery in combination with patern.


The award exhibition will be held at Palazzo Cominelli:
from 1st September to 3rd October 2012
Opening: 1st September 2012

Organised and promoted by:
the Fondazione Raffaele Cominelli
agc associazione gioiello contemporaneo

Organizers and Managers for AGC:
Maria Rosa Franzin
Rossella Tornquist

About Fondazione Cominelli Award
In the extraordinary setting of Lake Garda with its colours and lights, among the moraine hills that stretch from the Gulf of Salò and the Gulf of Manerba, at Cisano di San Felice we find the Fondazione Cominelli.

The splendid building, built in the XVII century by the Cominelli family, overlooks the Gulf of Salò, houses the Foundation. The Fondazione Cominelli, in carrying out its cultural activities has now come up with an articulated project where it becomes a reference point for the applied arts, not only for exhibitions, but also as a place where applied art “is done”; it does this by organising workshops and conferences on the subject; of this complex panorama it has chosen to present and delve into some sectors only: photography, ceramics and jewellery.

The Fondazione Cominelli is sided by agc which organises and promotes the event. Agc has already promoted other projects on the national territory. Agc, (Contemporary Jewellery Association) founded in June 2004, has, among its statutory objectives, that of drawing attention to the value of the contemporary jewellery culture and spreading it.

Contemporary jewellery today represents a sector of advanced research and experimentation of new expressive languages as well as exploiting the personal ornament concept. In close contact with the international community, the association follows up a series of initiatives aimed at promoting a constructive and synergistic confrontation with other artistic and productive realities.

Here, in this setting, will be held the third edition of the “Premio Fondazione Cominelli”.This year this manifestation will be sided by the start of a new section dedicated to training in the University, Institutes and Schools in this sector. The scope of this section is to present and confront different formative directions within the “jewellery” ambit, the different orientations, from design to artistic and handcraft training, getting the formative peculiarities of each reality to emerge.

An exhibition will present the projects and prototypes by director of the Course. With the third edition of the Fondazione Cominelli Award for Contemporary Jewellery 2012 there will also be the the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Jewellery; each edition will enrich the Collection with new works, some by the competition participants and others by artists selected in this year 2012 by the Gallerist Ms.Rita Marcangelo. The permanent Collection will become an important document of the Fondazione Cominelli, an occasion for a visit by jewellery lovers and those of the trade.

Winners Cominelli Foundation Award 2011

First Prize: Petra Zimmermann 
Second Prize: Dana Hakim
Jewellers awarded special mentions: Jimin Kim (Korea), Barbara Paganin ( Italy), Trinidad Contreras (Argentina)
Jasmin Matzakow. Brooch: Arcus, 2011. Carved wood. 1st prize ex aequo. Jasmin Matzakow
Brooch: Arcus, 2011
Carved wood
1st prize ex aequo
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Seul-Gi Kwon. Brooch: Candy Bar, 2011. Mixed media. 1st prize ex aequo. Seul-Gi Kwon
Brooch: Candy Bar, 2011
Mixed media
1st prize ex aequo
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Emmanuel Lacoste. Photograph: Carne, 2011. Paper. Honorable Mention. Emmanuel Lacoste
Photograph: Carne, 2011
Honorable Mention
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Zoe Robertson. Brooch: Flocking Ace, 2012. Mixed media. Honorable Mention. Zoe Robertson
Brooch: Flocking Ace, 2012
Mixed media
Honorable Mention
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Chiara Scarpitti. Brooch: Nature Ottagoni, 2012. Mixed media. Honorable Mention. Chiara Scarpitti
Brooch: Nature Ottagoni, 2012
Mixed media
Honorable Mention
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