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Creativity Contest: The Posing Jewel 2016

Award  /  16 Feb 2016  -  15 Jul 2016
Published: 16.02.2016
Creativity Oggetti
Susanna Maffini Massera
DEADLINE: 15/07/2016

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After last year's success, Creativity Oggetti announces the second edition of the “Creativity Contest – The Jewel poses”, an international contest for jewelry designers and professional artists. The contest aims to be a showcase from around the world for Aesthetic research, innovation and experimentation with materials, compared to those used in traditional jewelry making.
This year's protagonist is the ring as a sculpture object in space, intended not only as a jewel, but as an actual piece of furniture. Aesthetic research, innovation and experimentation with materials are the requirements for this contest.

Contest and Exhibition:
The contest aims to be a showcase from around the world and a professional opportunity for all participants. - Federica Cioccoloni’s photo shoot will seek to interpret the sculpture jewelry from the selected artists. For the occasion, Federica will create a floral/vegetal setting that will enhance the respective peculiarities of the selected rings. The chosen jewelry, one for each participant, used as the subject of the artistic photos, will be part of the published material printed for the occasion. - The contest will culminate in an exhibition dedicated to contemporary jewelry, featuring the selected works accompanied by actual collections. The exhibition will further emphasize the artistic research of the participants. The choice of collections will be coordinated with the gallery and the objects on display will be for sale. The exhibition "Creativity Contest - The jewel poses”, will be set up in February - March 2017 (dates to be determined) at the headquarters of Creativity Oggetti, in the center of Turin. - The gallery, being a place of exchange and dialogue, will allow for a direct encounter with the public, that will contribute to the evaluation also by acquiring the works.

About the Gallery:
Since 2001, the Turin gallery Creativity Oggetti, who specializes in contemporary jewelry, design bijoux and Applied Arts, has aimed a spotlight on artists and designers who’s research is focussed on creating hand made master pieces and defining a very personal artistic language.  Creativity and Research in the Applied Arts are the main features of the items proposed by Creativity Oggetti.  In recent years, a close collaboration with artists and designers exhibiting in the gallery has given birth to themed exhibitions, resulting in the creation of both single pieces and entire collections. 


Selection Criteria:
Allowed to participate in the contest are national and international artists, craftsmen and designers, who, in utter freedom of expression, will submit works that comply with the selection criteria. Items allowed: rings. The jewels must be made with alternative materials, compared to those used in traditional jewelry making. Rings in gold, with precious stones and pearls will not be accepted. Golden plated or silver plated rings and silver rings will be accepted. The rings must be new and without signs of wear. Each jewel must be wearable and marketable. The jewelry must be accompanied by original packaging and descriptive material. No more than 3 photos per ring are to be sent. 
Each participant may submit a maximum of 5 rings. It is mandatory for the artists to declare that the works are made by themselves and are their own property.

Rings from different artists will be selected. The selected rings will be the ones that stand out for their technical and/or aesthetic innovation and wearability. The rings adorning a person must be presented as decorative and furnishing elements, actual sculpture-objects in space.

Registration for the Competition:
To be valid, the filled out request of admission must be received no later than July 15th  2016 at 24.00 hours.  
The application shall be sent, dated and signed in original, in a sealed envelope (the postmark will indicate the date) at the expense of the participants exclusively by mail and courier, or hand- delivered. You can download all information here.

A scanned version of the filled out application form can also be sent by email. In this case the documents must be in PDF format. Admission to the contest and related exhibition will be communicated to the participants by e-mail no later than September 5th 2016. In some cases more pictures may be requested via e-mail. Participation in the contest is free, while the shipping and return costs will be paid by the participants.The selected works must be properly packed and shipped or delivered in person to:

Creativity Oggetti di Susanna Maffini Massera, Via Carlo Alberto 40/f - 10123 Torino - Italy. (The images must be delivered on CD.)
Not later than September 30th  2016. Besides the selected jewelry from the competition, it will be possible to add to the exhibition other jewelry or collections upon direct agreement with the gallery owner. The list of selected artists will be published on the website Within this period, admission to the contest and the method of delivery of the works will be communicated to those concerned.

September 30th 2016: the works accepted by image selection cannot be replaced by other works (in this case, the artist will be excluded from the contest) and must be received, prepaid, within the above mentioned date.
October 1st to 30th 2016: photo shoot.
February-March 2017 (dates to be confirmed): the selected works will be on display for Gallery Viewing.

Prizes will be awarded by the jury at the end of the exhibition.

1st Prize:
A photo shoot in still life of a whole collection (maximum 10 pieces) made at the studio and professionally post-produced. The pieces of the collection to be photographed will be agreed with the winner, who can attend the photo shoot according to his/her availability. The photos will be delivered in high-resolution print and in digital version optimized for the web.

Award given to all participants:
The image file created for the competition in high-resolution print and in digital version optimized for the web. All photographs will be made for free by Federica Cioccoloni and will be granted all rights; The images may be used by the author and by Creativity Oggetti for promotional purposes. The author's name is required by law in any use of the images (art. 20 law 633/41).    

Jury and Selection:
Federica Cioccoloni, photographer; Walter Dang, designer; Fabio Guida, founder of Quattolinee mg2architetture; Susanna Maffini Massera, owner of Creativity Oggetti; Paola Stroppiana, art curator and expert in artistic jewelry.

After the first selection, the accepted works will need to be sent for the setting up of the exhibition. Subsequently, the following jury will elect the winner of the contest: Daniela Bulgarelli, coordinator of Jewelry Design at IED Turin; Enrico Debandi, art director at Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana; Ludovica Gallo Orsi, curator of Voce del Verbo Moda; Antonella Giani, president of the cultural association Giardino Forbito; Nichka Marobin, blogger of The Morning Bark.  The public will be invited to express their opinion by voting the favorite work. The jury's decisions are final.  
Creativity Oggetti will be responsible for the safekeeping of the works, for any theft or damage to the items, from the time of possession until the time of their restitution. At the end of the exhibition, the jewelry will either be paid for or returned.  Creativity Oggetti declines any and all responsibility for any damage or breakage caused to the works at any stage of delivery or return. CONSENT By sending the signed application form, each applicant authorizes the processing of his or her personal data in accordance with law 685/96 (ART. 10 ) and accepts all terms and conditions stated.