Design Podium Competition 2009

Award  /  22 Feb 2009
Published: 27.02.2009
Design Podium Competition 2009.
New Munich Trade Fair Centre
81823 -  Munich
(+49 89) 9 49-01
(+49 89) 9 49-09
Barbara Schmidt
Aliki Apoussidou. Ring: Untitled, 2008. Iron. Aliki Apoussidou
Ring: Untitled, 2008
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For 10 years now, the Design Podium competition – which is open to all exhibitors of the designer jewellery Hall C2 who wish to compete for the four Innovation Prizes – has been held with great success as part of inhorgenta europe.
190 designers including 8 silversmiths have submitted their work for inhorgenta europe 2009's Design Podium. Gain an overview of the designers who are taking part. Find out about their professional backgrounds. Draw inspiration from their ideas. You can see the designers' work in a slide show. 

Last weekend at the Inhorgenta Europe Fair the Innovation Prize were decided and given by the jury.

The 6 prizes were given on Sunday afternoon, 4 for jewellery, 1 for silversmithing and a special price for a jewell made in platinum. The selection was done from about 190 designers and was not easy to decide as there was a high level among the designers. 

Anthony Roussel. Ring: Untitled, 2008. Wood. Anthony Roussel
Ring: Untitled, 2008
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Taisuke Nakada. Ring: Untitled, 2008. Iron. Taisuke Nakada
Ring: Untitled, 2008
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Mirjam Hiller. Brooch: Untitled, 2008. Steel, coloured film. Mirjam Hiller
Brooch: Untitled, 2008
Steel, coloured film
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Dominique Labordery. Ring: Groove, 2008. Platinum. Dominique Labordery
Ring: Groove, 2008
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Miranda Meilleur. Bowl: Untitled, 2008. Silver. Silversmithing Prize. Miranda Meilleur
Bowl: Untitled, 2008
Silversmithing Prize
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