Gioielli in Fermento 2016 - Premio Torre Fornello VI edition

Award  /  08 May 2016  -  22 May 2016
Published: 10.02.2016

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Art and Wine, the analogy of Gioielli in Fermento project: turning the natural in something precious and unique. With its 6th edition in 2016, a competition open to designers, artists, goldsmiths and craftsmen, scholars and professionals, for an unreleased piece of jewellery inspired by the following theme: Freedom & Constraint | Libertà e Vincolo a piece of jewellery is an amazing combination of freedom and constraint, like wine is.
The idea, laying since the first edition behind Gioielli in Fermento, is to emphasize a parallel path that ideally combines the two spheres of activities which are involved: the contemporary world of ornament, the contemporary world of wine.
Inspiration, dedication, experience, research, innovation, observation, choice, challenge ...
these are all elements of the creative approach that we can use to focus both on the activities of a goldsmith or on those of a winemaker, they constitute a similar reading of their works: both a piece of jewellery or a sip of wine are evocative of the individual interpretation of the raw material chosen by their maker. In both cases the aim is to turn the natural into something precious and unique.
In the year 2016 the investigation goes on reading the creative processes that can be comparable in spite of specificity of the two fields: contemporary jewellery makers, as well as wine-makers, within their authenticity, are torn forever between freedom and constraint.
Earth, nature, technologies, spaces, give us the freedom to choose, to act, to express ourselves, and yet objective or subjective limits, misconceptions or conventions, affect our work, the creative attitude, and even expectations or requirements of our counterparts.
Thus always for the sake of that analogy turning the natural into something precious and unique the jewel of today as well as the favourite wine, is an amazing combination of freedom and constraint expressed by its maker. Gioielli in Fermento, with a jury that will select the 2016 collection, wishes to emphasize how amazing the presence of a different and authentic balance can be within each ornament, as in a wine, both made as single artworks. The theme is open to a consistent interpretation of the language used by each jewellery artist, though it does coexist with the chance of getting in conversation with inspiring elements taken from the world of wine, the Mediterranean culture, the environmental context which characterize the Gioielli in Fermento project. The selection of the collection and the final nominations for the Torre Fornello Award will highlight the authenticity and originality of the works, placing great attention to composition, structure, narrative character, looking for the highest quality, for the individual, emotional and harmonic outcome.
The Gioielli in Fermento / Jewels in Ferment project, with its 6th edition in 2016, consists of a competition open to designers and art jewellers, professionals and scholars, and the related exhibit of a unique piece of jewellery inspired by the specific theme, renewed every year in concept related to the world of wine. Moreover, a section dedicated to Students has been established.
The resulting exhibition is hosted at Torre Fornello Winery which dedicated its impressive spaces to the Vineyard of Arts and feeds into a travelling exhibit during the year, in other cultural contexts related to contemporary jewellery or exploiting synergy with events related to the world of wine in the role of representative of Italian excellence.
The Vineyard of Arts is a cultural project promoted by Enrico Sgorbati, owner of Torre Fornello, who, as a collector, opens it to all the languages of contemporary art, and where artists have the chance to experiment and discuss their work in the context of this winery estate on the Colli Piacentini (hills in Emilia region). At its core, Gioielli in Fermento is the event dedicated to contemporary studio jewellery.

The Jury (currently being finalized):
The Torre Fornello Award will be assigned by the Jury Committee invited by Mr Enrico Sgorbati, owner of Torre Fornello, and Eliana Negroni, director of the project Gioielli in Fermento:
Roberta Bernabei | SAED Loughborough Univ. UK
Leo Caballero | Klimt02 International Art Jewellery online, Barcellona
Charon Kransen | Charon Kransen Arts, New York
Paulo Ribeiro | Joya International Art Jewellery Fair, Barcellona
Guest Juror Enrico Sgorbati | Torre Fornello, Italys

Student Section:  with the advise of AGC and JOYA Directions
Coordinated by Eliana Negroni, Gioielli in Fermento, project curator
Maria Rosa Franzin | Artist in Padova, Agc, Italy

Coordinators of the Jury committee:
Gigi Mariani | Artist in Modena, Agc, Italy
Eliana Negroni | Responsabile progetto Gioielli in Fermento


Premio Torre Fornello 2016
- Individual boot participating at JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair October 2016 thanks to Torre Fornello and Joya Le Departement Art Jewellery Showroom.
- The awarded artist will be reported in all communication concerning their participation in Joya Barcelona as "Awarded artist Premio Torre Fornello 2015".
- The awarded work will be acquired to the Torre Fornello Award - Gioielli in Fermento private collection.
- The Torre Fornello awarded artist will provide a customization to the Torre Fornello Award plaques of the following editon.

Gioielli in Fermento 2016 special mentions:
Special mentions might be assigned to the most interesting works.
A couple of further awards will be assigned for Gioielli in Fermento 2015, consisting in the online publishing of the artist profile (new or annual renewal) on network.

Gioielli in Fermento 2016 - Student Section Award:
A special section is dedicated to students (students graduated in 2015 or attending a course of studies or master in art, jewellery design, gold/metalsmithing, or equivalent techniques - student attendance to be confirmed by lecturer/school and sent with submission).
Applicants must not have taken part in previous editions of Gioielli in Fermento.
Under the advise of AGC and JOYA directions, the participation to Schools section at JOYA Barcelona (first prize) and AGC. Membership Contemporary jewellery Italian association membership, with online individual profile opened in the designer section, will be granted to the winner/s.  A mention will also highlight the institution with the highest number of selected students.    

Selection admitted works:
Any kind of ornament for the human body, made using any material or technique, will be accepted provided it can be worn. Each author will present one single work to be selected for competition.
It can be a unique piece or a distinct piece set apart from a limited edition collection.
Previously exhibited works, or works selected for any other competition, may not be submitted.
The admission to the competition will be evaluated with the advice of directors of Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair and Charon Kransen Arts New York, taking into high consideration:
Original material and technique usedexperimentation and project research, relevance to the theme, style balance, high quality detail in realization,  wearable feature.

Registration fee:
Basic fee 75 euro | AGC member 50 euro | Student 50 euro (online registration followed by lecturer/school certification of student attendance).
In any case, whether selected or not, with all fees the registered artist will receive 1 copy of the Catalogue Gioielli in Fermento 2016 + 1 copy among the previous editions (according to availability).

First step of selection - Deadline Jan.31.2016
Pictures :

- 2 Photos of entry (neutral white background, jpg file format, 300 dpi, minimum dimensions 15x15 cm).
- 1 Photo of the artist (min. 8x8cm 300dpi) and/or 1 photo of your studio, atelier, tools.

Attachement to send:
- Signed personal Release Document.
- Lecturer/school certification confirming student attendance (for submission to the Student Section).
- Notes concerning with Your works, statement, CV (optional).

If selected, your registration to the Competition gives the organization permission to publish the pictures you send for promotional purposes strictly connected to this event "Gioielli in Fermento / Jewels in Ferment".

Second step of selection - Feb/March 2016
Entry Pieces: After registration deadline, the organization will inform the artists about the admission to send the piece for  the admission to Gioielli in Fermento 2016.
The jury Committee will confirm by expressed communication about the admission to the competition after the real view of  the received works.
The materials and works not selected and not exhibited will not be used (it will be given notice to the author, and the work will be sent back with no further charge  together with a copy of the catalogue 2016 - after May 8th).
By March 12th 2016 the selected works with the original signed Disclaimer document must reach:
Negroni Eliana C/o SPV Srl - the address for delivery will be confirmed in the admission note.
The works must arrive in adequate packaging, reusable for return shipping, and if the sale is approved (in accordance with the procedures set out in the release document), the sender must provide a suitable container to deliver the work to the customer.
Shipping including insurance and custom charges in both directions will be always at expense of participants (shipping expenses for return charged to the receiver).

Custom declaration (in case of): we recommend to declare “present” “samples” or “design for contest” for custom description and a small amount value (10 Euro).

By accepting the Release document and sending the entry, the participant allows the organization of Gioielli in Fermento/Jewels in Ferment to manage and eventually showcase the works for the current edition circuit (at last for 12 months).
By April 15th selected will be announced and list of admissions will be published online on the website
Please mind that pictures and information on the selected works in competition will be revealed only after the opening of the exhibition, May the 8th - 4pm.
The selected works will be under Gioielli in Fermento availability till the end of annual edition (at least till 30/11/2016). In the meanwhile they could not apply for other award selections or exhibitions, without authorization as a special exception.
The selected works will be provided with an original certificate of participation to the 2016 edition of the competition.
Therefore it is highly recommended to selected artists to quote "Gioielli in Fermento 2016"  in any caption  wherever their piece is shown or published. 

Exhibition Opening and Award Ceremony:
Exhibition opening and the Award cerimony will take place on Sunday May 8 at 4pm in The Vineyard of Arts at Torre Fornello (Fornello di Ziano P. near Piacenza, Emilia Romagna Italy).
GPS: N 45°00' 877"  E 9°23' 017"  
The exhibition will be open until May 22.

The awarded works will be acquired by Torre Fornello Award Gioielli in Fermento private collection.
A catalogue of all the selected works will be published, as part of the Vigna delle Arti books collection.
The project has the patronage of the Province of Piacenza and Ziano Piacentino District.
Suitable promotion of the project will be provided with mutual collaboration with Joya Art Jewellery Fair Barcelona and Klimt02 International Art Jewellery online network.
A list of displayed pieces and values will be made available for public consultation, and reservations to buy will be communicated to the artists in question and settled by them directly at the end of the exhibition project .
The travelling exhibition program of Gioielli in Fermento #gallery will involve the selected artists interested in taking part of the project and will be published online during year 2016 on - -  and advertised as much as possible on sector and institutional media.
Akis Goumas. Necklace: Spirits of a Symposium, remnants of red wine, 2015. Silver, copper steel, PVC, mixed techniques, pigments. 14x5,5x32 cm. Photo by: S. Kazaglis. Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015. Akis Goumas
Necklace: Spirits of a Symposium, remnants of red wine, 2015
Silver, copper steel, PVC, mixed techniques, pigments
14x5,5x32 cm
Photo by: S. Kazaglis
Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015
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Corrado De Meo. Brooch: I colori della notte, 2015. Photo by: F. Cavicchioli. Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015. Special mention JOYA. Corrado De Meo
Brooch: I colori della notte, 2015
Photo by: F. Cavicchioli
Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015
Special mention JOYA
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Hester Popma Van-de Kolk. Necklace: Cricifix and Solely Red, 2015. Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015. Front viewSpecial mention KLIMT02
. Necklace and brooch
.  . Hester Popma Van-de Kolk
Necklace: Cricifix and Solely Red, 2015
Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015

Front view
Special mention KLIMT02
Necklace and brooch
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Sébastien Carré. Ring: Several scales of grape, 2015. Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015. Sébastien Carré
Ring: Several scales of grape, 2015
Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Louis Comin Vilajosana. Necklace: Soul reflections, 2015. Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015. Special mention AGC. Louis Comin Vilajosana
Necklace: Soul reflections, 2015
Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015
Special mention AGC
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Clara Del Papa. Hand Piece: Anesidora, 2015. Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015. Special mention JOYA. Clara Del Papa
Hand Piece: Anesidora, 2015
Awarded at: Gioielli In ...Fermento 2015
Special mention JOYA
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