Image & Form Competition 2008

Award  /  12 Oct 2008  -  19 Oct 2008
Published: 01.10.2008
Image & Form Competition 2008.
The Museum of Ethnography
Veselova Alexandra Adelia Mukhamedzhanova
DEADLINE: 13/10/2008
Jurij Bylkov. Brooch: Ice, 2007. Alpaka. Jurij Bylkov
Brooch: Ice, 2007
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Today the competition is an artistic event in the life of Russia demanded by the time. It is becoming an integral part of the International Forum of Author’s Jewellery Art, within which a jewellery exhibition and symposium are held, including lectures, master classes, round tables, creative trips and meetings.
Every year the topic of the competition is different, but two nominations – “Fantasy” and “Production” remain the same. A participant can present a competition work in one of four categories. The categories determine possible options of creative tasks execution: a ready jewellery product, a jewellery product mock-up, a software development of a jewellery product, a sketch of a jewellery product. Different categories significantly extend the range of participants, including not only professional jewelers-designers, but also the artists from other directions and genres of art.

The project of the International Forum of Author’s Jewellery Art is unique because it sets up an original “art laboratory”, where the jewellery beginners can familiarize themselves with the works of professionals, to find technical support, to get a professional consultation of artists, teachers and art experts of the world level.


Competition theme:
“The Game of Ornaments”

The ornamental pattern is one of the oldest forms used in the decoration of human environment. Ornamental patterns consist of rhythmically organized modules and intervals. These modules vary not only in shape and style, but also in the ways of their interaction with the surrounding space in two-dimensional or three-dimensional aspects. Your design is not restricted by any rules of repeating the identical modules. Feel free to play with shapes of different epochs, scale, color, plane, and volume as well as wide variety of structures, fabrics and materials. You have unlimited possibilities for research. Use your imagination to create the sense of ornamental pattern in the 21st century jewelry!

The participation in Festival costs 100 euro (it includes all the events of the Festival):
1.    The participation in the Competition
2.    The participation in Symposium (lectures and master-classes, round table discussions)
3.    City tour and visiting the museums

The participation in the Contest has two age groups:
1.    from 15 till 23 years old
2.    from 24 till 40 years old.


category A – finished jewelry piece
category B – model of the jewelry piece
category C – draft on digital equipment (appearance and 3 dimensions)
category D – draft on paper (A4)


category A – finished jewelry piece
category B – model of the jewelry piece
category C – draft on digital equipment (appearance and 3 dimensions)
category D – draft on paper (appearance and 3 dimensions, A4)

Special requirements for category C:
The works are accepted by E-mail or on a disk (TIFF, JPG). The image size is 42x30 in vector programs or in dot-matrix programs (300 ppi). Additionally, one may send a work in the application in which it was developed.

The jury includes famous art-critics, professors and jeweler designers from Russia, Italy, Belgium. They are:
Giampaolo Babbeto, jeweler artist, Italy
Jan Walgrave, director of  the Antwerp Art Museum, Belgium 
Larisa Peshekhonova, senior research associate, custodian of modern jewellery art collections in the State Memorial Complex Moscow Kremlin, Russia
Galina Gabriel, PhD (art history), member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Russia
Leonid Salmin, PhD (art history), the professor of the Ural State Art and Architectural Academy


The work schedule of the Festival:
12th of October – collecting works of jewelers (from 14.00 till 19.00)
13th of October – collecting works of jewelers (only for foreign artists – from 17.00 till 20.00)
14th, 15th of October – the work of jury
14th, 15th ,17th, 18th, 19th of October – cultural part
19th of October – return of works (from 17.00), The Ethnographic Museum.
We will not send the items to the participants and we are not responsible for the abandoned items.
The works of the finalists’ are published in the catalogue.


The main prizes of the Competition:

The laureates are awarded with valuable prizes and gifts from the organizers, mass media and sponsors of the Competition.

Prize by Diego Percossi Pappi for the best item devoted to Rome.
Special prize of the Competition for the best project of palladium – tour to the Exhibition held in Vicenza, Italy.
The information about the events held within the framework of the Forum and about the prize-winners of the Competition is published in over twenty leading Russian and foreign magazines.
The reward ceremony takes place as envisaged by the programme, during the final gala show.

Natalia Druzhinina. Ring: Body, 2007. Mixed media. Natalia Druzhinina
Ring: Body, 2007
Mixed media
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Igor Goncharov. Ring: Spring in emptyness, 2007. Mixed media. Igor Goncharov
Ring: Spring in emptyness, 2007
Mixed media
© By the author. Read Copyright.