Legnica International Jewellery Competition 2015

Award  /  28 Apr 2015  -  07 Jun 2015
Published: 03.02.2015
Legnica International Jewellery Competition 2015.
Gallery of Art in Legnica
Monika Szpatowicz
Zbigniew Kraska
DEADLINE: 31/03/2015

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The 24th edition of the Legnica International Jewellery Competition is now open for application. The theme for this year's competition is Boundaries.
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The jewellery contest in Legnica, the purpose of which is a critical reflection on life’s and art’s crucial issues, is characterised by a specific topic which generally covers the recent artistic, social, political or eco- nomic context. For instance, in the previous decade, when postmodern art was highly popular, the topic was ‘Deconstruction-Reconstruction’, while the topic ‘Absolute Beauty’ was a reaction to the relativism of value (and not only) in aesthetics, and ‘Revolt’ was an answer to the Indignants Movement (indignados); the ‘Sexy’ and “Scandal” competitions were dedicated to revealing the mechanisms of autocreation, and the ‘Classic’ topic – to finding and redefining antic codes of modernity.

The current topic – Boundaries – although inspired by specific geopolitical situations (annexation of the part of Ukraine, wars in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa, etc.) has in fact a broader and deeper meaning, and is the search for reasons of all our limitations (natural and cultural), finding the mechanisms of creating any boundaries whatsoever and the sense of maintaining them, and in the end asks about the identity of homo sapiens. About the identity of every one of us.

A Way to Paradise

Boundaries are essential to being human – setting them, maintaining them, defying them and overstep- ping them. God started this endless game by banishing people from Paradise for a petty reason – a barely bit- ten apple. From there, everything happened at the speed of light: everyday existence, ethics, politics, morality, art, etc. - more and more areas became an endless and often bloody scene for boundary fanatics and sceptics. The epic history of erecting, overthrowing and overstepping various lines, barriers, boundaries and taboo is still the meaning and determinant of human history and everyday life of us all. The steps are always the same: first, we make up the boundaries and then we destroy them. It seems like an absurd thing to do. But, is life without boundaries possible, if at the same time setting them out defines our identity and individuality, and is the first step to recognising our identification (personal, collective, national, religious)? Are there any bounda- ries, which must not be crossed, are impossible to cross or simply can not be crossed by us? Don’t they keep us from destroying ourselves? Is there any moral aspect to them, or only a practical one?

Art is an irreplaceable testing ground for destroying boundaries and canons. It was created to safely ex- periment with overstepping more than aesthetic norms and limits. Let’s then ask about the ‘identity’ of jewel- lery, and what kind of boundaries it is defined by. Are those aesthetic, functional, substantial boundaries or ethic ones? Are we free to overstep them, push them and destroy them? Will then jewellery still be jewellery? What is more, let’s ask if jewellery can tell in its own words something about boundaries other than its own? Can it refer to other aspects of human life such as sensuality, morality, religion, social reality, politics, state- hood, business?

We are infected with an incurable atavistic ‘Paradise complex’, we always dream of life without boundaries. We live in the times when overstepping boundaries knows no boundaries. Ironically, that is how we fulfil our eternal need and crave for freedom. We want to be like at the beginning. But is it possible to return to Paradise?

The Jury
  1. The works will be assessed by the international jury.
  2. The Jury will meet on 9-10 April 2015. The Organizers invited to the Jury: Sławomir Fijałkowski (Poland), Suska Mackert (Germany), Ruudt Peters (The Netherlands), Zuzanna Skalska (Poland/The Netherlands), Gisbert Stach (Germany) and Christoph Zellweger (Switzerland).
  3. The artist’s interpretation of the theme of the competition and using silver will be the basic criterion for the Jury to qualify works for the exhibition and award prizes. The submitted works may be accompanied by a short commentary (one sentence) which will be included in the catalogue.
  4. The Jury’s decisions are final and cannot be challenged in the court of law.
  5. The list of the classified persons will be publish at Festival’s site: till 20th April 2015.

Exhibition Dates:  28th April 2015 - 7th June 2015
Opening Ceremony:  16th May 2015
Exhibition Space: The Gallery of Art in Legnica, Plac Katedralny 1

The Organizers plan to present the exhibition in chosen cities in Poland and abroad.-2016-2016

Aim, Task and Material
The aim of the exhibition is to present the most interesting accomplishments of contemporary jewellery art. The submitted works should be jewellery in the broad sense of the term, display creativity as well as high standards of design and execution. The Organizers set no restrictions as to the materials and techniques employed but to honour the competition’s over 30-year-long tradition, the inclusion of silver in the work is expected.

Conditions and Terms of Participaction
  1. The competition is open to all artists from Poland and abroad.
  2. There are no restrictions as to the number of works submitted by a participant, provided that:
    – the copyright is with the artist,
    –  the works are submitted under the artist’s name,
    – all the works submitted by the artist can be contained within a case measuring 35 x 35 x 25 cm ; by the Organizer’s earlier permission, the arrangements can be made to accept objects of dimensions exceeding those specified above.
  3. The artist declaring his or her participation in the competition is obliged to:
    send the submitted works in an appropriate and secure packaging that will protect the objects from damage and can be re- used for returning them to the artist, accompanied by a properly filled-in invoice and application form by the deadline of 31st March 2015 (the deadline concerns the actual arrival of the work, not the postmark).
    Note: Participants from outside UE are asked to take into consideration additional time (ca. 5 days) on the custom formalities for receiving works.
  4. The packages will be opened by a commission.
  5. The works not qualified for the exhibition will be returned by the end of September 2015 according to the author's instruc- tions provided by the artist on the application form.
  6. Since the aim of the exhibition is to be exposed in other cities, the selected works will remain under the Organizers disposal till July 2016, and then they will be send back to the participants till the end of July 2016 together with documentation of the work's presentation.

Awards and Prizes in the Competence of the Jury

Grand Prix - 10.000 PLN (c.a 2380 euro)* + 1 kg of silver
2nd Award - 5.000 PLN (c.a 1200 euro)* + 1 kg of silver
Award of the Mayor of the City of Legnica -  3.000 PLN (c.a 715 euro)* + 1 kg of silver
Award of the Gallery of Art in Legnica - Solo exhibition with catalogue (worth 1000 euro)
The Organizers’ Special Award for creative courage, uncompromising attitude, innovation or sense of humour - Statuette “Silver Spur” + 1 kg of silver

* Exchange rate of EURO on 14.01.2015. Award in PLN will be converted to EURO in accordance with exchange rate on 16.05.2015, less tax due.
  1. The Jury reserves the right to distribute the prizes in a manner different than specified above.
  2. It has become the competition’s tradition that the winners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize donate the prize - winning work (one work) to the Organizer – the Gallery of Art in Legnica – to augment its Legnica International Collection of Contemporary Jewellery.

Prizes Beyond the Competence of the Jury

INHORGENTA MUNICH Award - Free stand at INHORGENTA MUNICH in 2016 (worth 2000 euro)
The Joachim Sokólski Award (established by the Polish Modern Art Foundation) - 1 kg of silver
Polish Jewellery Award - Free stand at Summer Trade Fair JUBINALE in Cracow in 2015
Polish Jewellery Award - Advertisement in PB catalogue in 2015
Hefra Company Award - Prize gift
Honorable mention of the Goldsmithing Artists' Association - Statuette and diploma
Honorable mention of the Director of the Gallery of Art in Legnica - Diploma + 0.5 kg of silver

In this category the choice of the prize-winner is made by the founders of the award or upon their permission by the Jury.

  1. The exhibition will be accompanied by an invitation, poster and a catalogue presenting works selected by the jury to the main exhibition.
  2. Every artist whose works are selected by the jury to the main exhibition will receive one copy of the catalogue free of charge.
  3. The Organizers reserve the right to publish photos of works free of charge in publications of the Gallery of Art, press, television and other forms of visual documentation for promotional purposes.

Final Provisions
  1. The exhibition of selected works will be accompanied by the presentation of works of the Jurors.
  2. The Organizers are liable for submitted works from the time of receiving them until they are returned to the artist in person at the gallery or dispatched via mail or shipping company - in case of losing the package post or courier company is responsible ac- cording to its rules.
  3. In the case of any damage or loss the object while in the Organizer’s care or during the exhibition, the Organizers will cover the cost of its restoration.

Gallery of Art in Legnica
59-220 Legnica, pl. Katedralny 1
Phone: + 48 76 862 09 10; + 48 862 06 94
Fax: + 48 76 856 51 26

Contact Persons: Monika Szpatowicz and Julita Grzegole
Director: Zbigniew Kraska
Chief Curator: Monika Szpatowicz
Chief Consultant: Sławomir Fijałkowsk