MEDITERRANEAN Jewellery Competition 2011

Award  /  12 Apr 2011  -  19 Apr 2011
Published: 21.01.2011
MEDITERRANEAN Jewellery Competition 2011.
Museum of Natural History of the Mediterranean
Via Roma 234
57127 -  Livorno
Corrado De Meo & Federico Vanello
DEADLINE: 19/02/2011

Mediterranean - Meetings and Horizons. Don't miss your chance to participate in the Open Call for the competition.
Given the success of last year, the AGC - Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo offers, from April 12 to April 19, 2011, a new international expo on "Mediterranean. Meetings and Horizons ". 

Participation to MEDITERRANEAN is open to everybody:
artists, craftsmen-women, designers or students from contemporary jewellery schools or universities. Each artist can take part in the exhibition from 1 to 3 pieces, each piece must respect the theme (your interpretation or idea of its light, colours, the richness of the marine world, the myths, the signs of history and the matter...).

The exhibition will take place in Livorno (Tuscany, Italy) from 12 April to 19 April in the Museum of Natural History of the Mediterranean in the eighteenth-century Villa Henderson. 

>> Welcome to apply to MEDITERRANEAN, on the latest the 19th of February.

The Mediterranean is an ideal meeting point, a point of confrontation and contamination of ideas, cultures, languages and traditions, a place where diversity has always been its richness and the very essence of its civilization.

Culture and art are thought to be the key-factors to allow the Mediterranean to continue to represent a reservoir of wealth and growth for the modern civilization through genuine dialogue and a convinced acceptance of coexistence and interaction of opposites. The artists participating in this event will land on the banks of the "Mediterranean thinking" and will develop a shared language that is open to the diversified cultures typical of Mediterranean by using the light, the colors, the richness of the marine world, the myths, the signs of history and the matter. This year all participants will be selected by a special commission because there will be a prize of 1000 € for participants under the age of 35.

We hope, as it has been for the past year, to continue a path toward an approach to and knowledge about the world of contemporary jewelry, the changes occurring within it, its currents and different visions of the artists, providing data and information that will help to develop an aware perception in the viewer. 

- Participation to MEDITERRANEO is open to everybody: artists, craftsmen-women, designers or students from contemporary jewellery schools or universities. There is no age limit.
There will be preliminary jury and selection of the works, you have to fill in the PHOTOS FORM and send with the photos of your piece/ pieces no later than Saturday 19th February via mail to (please send the correctly completed application and the photos as attachments, not within the body of the message).

- The selected artist will be contacted from the organizing and the list of them will be published on the Agc web site. The selected artists have to pay the registration fee and send the APPLICATION FORM and the RELASING FORM (signed) to no later than Monday 14th March. The releasing form must be sent by mail in any case, dated and signed, by the deadline. Those not received will be excluded from the project.

- Each artist can take part in the exhibition with 1 to 3 pieces, the pieces MUST be about MEDITERRANEO (your interpretation or idea of its culture, colours, its myths and history signs) the pieces n’ 1 is the one that will be published in the catalogue.

- The registration’s fee is 70 euro if you have less than 25 years or if you are an AGC member, otherwise 80 euro for others, which will be used to cover the event’s expenses for promotion and the set-up, We also have sponsors who can contribute their efforts to ensure the best possible outcome for the project.

- Is expected a 1000 € prize money for the more representative jewelry piece among the under 35 artists. The selection, by the jury, will be among the photos of the files numerate with the number 01 (e.g., viafed01.tif). 

- Requirements for the images to be sent: TIF (preferably) or JPG (high quality) minimum 300dpi size 1890 x 1890 pixels. Leave sufficient margins around the photographed object, so that, if necessary, the images may be cut into a square shape. Save the images with the first three letters of your name and surname (e.g., viafed01.tif) Send good quality images, with good contrast and well-focused. We need one photo for each jewel that you will send but the only one published in the catalogue will be the photo of the files numerate with the number 01. 

>> Deadline: 19th of February.

The jury is composed of three members:
Rita Marcangelo, artist and owner of "Alternatives Gallery" in Rome
Dr. Bianca Cappello, jewel expert and critic
Dr. Mirella Cisotto, jewelry and art critic and jewelry show curator

The registration fee must be paid via bank transfer to the following account:
AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo.
C/O Unicredit Banca Agenzia di Cremona P.zza Roma 2 Italia.

Bank transfer from Italy
C/C 000040371440
ABI : 02008
CAB: 11400
CIN Italia: P
CIN Europa: 28
IBAN: IT28P0200811400000040371440

Bank transfer from abroad
IBAN: IT28P0200811400000040371440
Please specify the following REASON FOR PAYMENT: registration for the Mostra MEDITERRANEO + your name.

- Upon have done it: Send a copy of the bank transfer (as soon as possible) via e-mail to: or

- Upon registration, the participants deliver their works to the organizers by mail or courier ,must arrive by and no later than 2th April 2011 (Those not received will be excluded from the project). Please send them to:


For more info please contact the project managers: