The Next Episode Design Competition 2010

Award  /  22 Jan 2010  -  25 Jan 2010
Published: 26.03.2009
The Next Episode Design Competition 2010.
Mrs. Raili Hautanen
DEADLINE: 05/06/2009

(...)The competition will celebrate the forthcoming 50th anniversary in 2010 of Lapponia Jewelry. Through the competition Lapponia will encourage young talented designers to create contemporary artworks as well as presenting an opportunity for them to show their work to an international audience.(...)

The Lapponia International Design Competition has been organized by Lapponia Jewelry Oy, Helsinki, Finland, one of the leading jewelry design companies in Europe.
From the beginning, Lapponia’s mission was to revolutionise the conservative approach to jewelry design through its unique art-jewelry inspired by Nordic nature.
Lapponia is the art of expression - a reciprocal statement between the artist and the wearer, allowing both parties to express their values by the jewelry they design or wear.
Today the Lapponia Collection is the creation of six experienced and internationally known artists: Björn Weckström, Zoltan Popovits, Poul Havgaard, Christophe Burger, Pekka Hirvonen and Chao-Hsien Kuo. The jewerly is available in Scandinavia, Central Europe and Japan.
The competition will celebrate the forthcoming 50th anniversary in 2010 of Lapponia Jewelry. Through the competition Lapponia will encourage young talented designers to create contemporary artworks as well as presenting an opportunity for them to show their work to an international audience.
The competition has been devised in association with Ornamo, the Finnish Association of Designers.


Technical and practical information
All entries must be prepared in a professional manner and accompanying documentation should be fit for publication.

First phase 
Entries must comprise an illustration of each piece of jewelry and can be either drawn or printed on A4 (210 x 297 mm) or 8” x 11” paper. It is recommended that an illustration showing how each piece of jewelry is worn is also submitted. The jewelry should be presented on separate sheets of paper showing:
- a set of jewelry
- a projection drawing or print of each piece of jewelry
- a suggested illustration of the use of the jewelry
- an explanation of the purpose of the jewerly.

The design drawings or prints should include appropriate measurements and be labelled in English.
Only one set of jewelry may be submitted by each entrant and each piece of jewelry should be given a name. The set of jewelry can bear the same name.
Entries should not have been produced before, nor previously entered in any other jewelry design competition. Entries may not violate anybody else´s intellectual property rights.
All entries should be accompanied by an entry form, as enclosed with the competition rules, and typed in English. A brief description of the metals, gemstones and other materials as well as construction details should be given. Descriptions should be brief and include information on the thinking behind the design, plus other relevant information of which they would like the jury to be aware.
Each design has to be marked with the designer’s identification code which also will serve as the entrant´s pseudonym.
The design documents of the set of jewerly will all be marked with the same identification code.
The code is to be marked on the upper right-hand corner of each design, in a clearly visible place on all models accompanying entries, and on the entry form.
All entries must reach the organizers by the June 5, 2009 and must be presented as drawings or prints. A finished set of jewelry shall only be submitted by entrants chosen for the second phase. Entries received after this date will not be eligible.

Second phase
From the first-phase entries the jury will choose 15 to 20 designs for phase two. The code names of the entrants chosen for the second phase will be published on our website - Design
Competition by July 13, 2009.
Mock-up models should be submitted for the final judging. The entrant may choose the material for the mock-up model.
It does not have to be the same as the proposed materials. 

The secretary of the competition, Mrs. Raili Hautanen, Product Manager for Lapponia Jewelry, is responsible for answering all enquiries related to the competition and will act as the co-ordinator between the jury and entrants. She can be contacted as follows: - Design Competition

The Secretary of the Competition:
Any queries about the first phase of the competition should arrive at the above address no later than April 20, 2009.
Questions about the second phase should be submitted by October 30, 2009. The secretary will reply in five working days.

Dates and price

Competition schedule

There are two parts to the competition. Entries for the first phase must reach Lapponia Jewelry Finland no later than June 5, 2009. Participants who are selected to enter the second phase should send mock-up models of their designs to Lapponia Jewelry Finland by November 30, 2009.

The winners will be announced at Inhorgenta Fair Münich January 22-25, 2010.


First prize 8.000 €
Second prize 4.000 €
Third prize 2.000 €
Two claims worth 500 € each

The total value of the prizes is 15.000 €. Should it so wish, the jury can apportion the sum of the prizes differently, provided the decision is unanimous.
The decisions of the jury are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
Prizes and entries will receive wide publicity. The organizer has the right to exhibit the designs in various fairs and events during 2009 and 2010.
The second-phase entries will be exhibited at the Inhorgenta Fair in Munich January 22 – 25, 2010. During the fair visitors to the exhibition will be invited to vote for their favorite designs.