so fresh Award 2007

Award  /  19 Jun 2007  -  24 Jun 2007
Published: 09.07.2007
so fresh Award 2007.
Claudia Reifberger
DEADLINE: 01/04/2007

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Pay attention on the new deadline. Award for contemporary jewellery design with award money of EUR 10.000,00.

so fresh. the jewellery award by Pierre Lang

Contemporary jewellery design is not only an integral component of fashion, but has long become a trend-setting force in its own right.
While jewellery was long relegated to the realm of status symbol or arts & crafts, in recent years a new dialogue between jewellery, fashion and the body has emerged, inspiring a re-evaluation of the concept of jewellery and a whole series of fresh ideas. Today, there is hardly a photo series to be found in international fashion magazines where jewellery does not play a key role. 

With an award money of EUR 10.000,00, so fresh. the jewellery award by Pierre Lang aims to respond to these new developments by recognizing distinctive contemporary jewellery design that goes beyond our conventional concept of what jewellery stands for, enriching our appreciation of this art form. Contemporary jewellery design raises unexpected questions, opening up surprising new ways of seeing and providing a steady source of inspiration. 

The competition calls on European jewellery, fashion and product designers as well as stylists to demonstrate their intensive engagement in jewellery design by submitting an entry by 01 April 2007.


- European jewellery, fashion or product designers as well as stylists

- European students and trainees from the fields of jewellery, fashion and product design only in their last year of study/training 


1. Portfolio:
- Designs, documentation or lookbook showing your CURRENT JEWELLERY COLLECTION(S), SERIES or SETS, of approx. 12 pieces of jewellery. The works submitted for consideration may not be older than one year. Those entering the competition guarantee that they can produce finished versions of at least half of the approx. 12 pieces of jewellery by the entry deadline of 20 March 2007.
- Designs, documentation, photos of prototypes and/or finished pieces of jewellery, lookbook as proof of OCCUPATION WITH JEWELLERY / ACCESSORIES for at least 1 year (2 seasons).
- General documentation of your PREVIOUS ARTISTIC WORK, e.g. designs, photo material, editorials, product documentation, lookbooks, collection descriptions, videos (on DVD), press material, press clippings, exhibition documents, CV, etc.
If available, the portfolio should include press articles, editorials and styling ideas. It must be no larger than DIN A3 format and labelled clearly with the name of the submitter. 

2. A finished piece of jewellery or prototype
A finished piece of jewellery or a prototype from your current jewellery collection(s), series or sets, packaged and clearly labelled with the name of the submitter. 

3. Entry form 

4. Cover sheet (both see

5. If you are an European student/trainee from the fields of jewellery, fashion or product design a written confirmation that you are in the last year of study/training, signed by your educational site.

For further information (shipping and insuring, online entry and where to send your entry) please visit:

No Entry Fee

01 April 2007