Goldmuseum Taipei - Metal Crafts Competition 2018.

Talente Competition 2018

Award  /  Munich Jewellery Week - Schmuck - Talente - 2018  /  07 Mar 2018  -  13 Mar 2018
Published: 28.06.2017


108 emerging artists from 10 different areas of design and technology have been selected for the 2018 edition of the annual competition.
Talente Competition 2018.
Internationale Handwerkmesse Munich
Michaela Braesel

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Young artist working in the applied arts and technology will have the opportunity to show their work in the international competition TALENTE 2018 in Munich, Germany, during the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades from 7th to 13th March 2018.

Talente is an annual competition for new talent in the areas of design and technology. The focus of the competition is on work that shines through its formal and technical originality and technical perfection, and is ahead of its time.  The competition is being organised by the Munich and Upper Bavarian Chamber of Skilled Trades and jointly sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the Bavarian State Ministry for Economics and Media, Energy and Technology. „Talente“ takes place every year as a special exhibition during the Munich International Skilled Trades Fair in March.

Projects by around 90 participants from ca. 25 countries are exhibited in specially designed exhibition spaces over around 600 m2.  At the start of the fair, we publish a high-quality catalogue to introduce the participants, together with a short biography and a description of the work. During the fair, an international jury nominates the winner of the Talente-Prize. The prize is nominal. The prize winners are mentioned again in the catalogue the following year. The purpose of the „Talente“ exhibition is to promote as many people as possible. It is therefore not possible to enter more than once.

We invite new talent in the areas of design and technology to enter. In the design section, you must not be more than 33 years old in the year that the competition takes place. The maximum age in the technology section is 35. „Talente“ entrants from previous years may not enter again. Invitations are sent out to over 25 countries throughout Europe and beyond. The contributions are selected by a panel of experts. Interested parties apply online with photographic and text documentation of the work that they wish to enter with.

The contributions should reflect the development of the artist or technician while illustrating the type of work and the topics that s/he is currently involved in. The work may not be more than two year old.  The selection panel considers the applications and selects the entrants for the competition. The entrants’ contributions are then exhibited at the „Talente“ exhibition, which takes place during the International Skilled Trades Fair. They are appraised here by an international jury.  Artists/technicians can only exhibit the work that they applied with. Any other works, or newer ones, cannot be displayed. Either individual items or a group of works can be considered. Depending on the size, no more than eight works should be presented.

A catalogue will be published for the special exhibition: Each artist will be presented with a colour photograph.
We will take the photographs from your application documents. If the quality of the photographs is not sufficient,
we will contact you. Please note that your photographs can be used for advertising purposes: The exhibitors
agree that any photographs they send to us can be used for exhibition and press purposes.

6th October 2017 Close of application period

End of November 2017 You will be informed by us whether you have been selected for „Talente“ 2018.

15th December 2017 Deadline for the insurance information. These information counts as binding exhibition information (labelling) and must contain details of materials and sizes. Deadline for special requirements at the exhibition such as electric power sockets, special lighting or special podiums. If your exhibit needs special equipment or fixings, please send us photographs of previous exhibitions, scale drawings or plans that illustrate how the exhibit is to be installed and displayed. If necessary, inform us of any other points that need to be considered when setting up the exhibit. Special requirements that arrive too late (for example together in the parcel with the works) cannot be taken into consideration.

Middle of January to 19th February2018
Timeframe for delivery of exhibits to Spedition Schenker or to the trade fair in Munich. If you wish to bring your exhibits to Schenker in person, please contact Mr. Tobias Wörmann beforehand at +49 89 949 24 327. If you plan to install your exhibit yourself, i.e. your exhibit has special electronic installations that our assembly team cannot take care of, please ask for a delivery permit from the „Talente“ organisation now. You will receive this on the day of installation.

2nd to 6th March 2018 Unpacking of the objects by the exhibition team and assembly of the exhibition.

3th and 4th March 2018 Exhibitors delivering their exhibits themselves bring them to the unpacking space.

4th and 5th March 2018 Deadline for self-assemblers to make special electronic or other installations that our assembly team cannot take care of. Self-assembly takes place in hall B1. Note for drivers: a deposit of € 100 will be payable at the gate on Monday.

7th to 13th March 2018 Special exhibition „Talente“ at the International Skilled Trades Fair.
  • Thursday 18:00 VIP evening at the fair. Presentation of prizes on
  • Saturday, 16:00 on the stage in hall B1 and meeting of the jewellers and the participants of the other special exhibitions in the city center.
  • 13th March 2018, 18.00 – 22.00 Disassembly of the exhibition. Deadline for self-assemblers and exhibitors collecting their works themselves. Note for drivers: until 8:00 p.m., the entries to the halls will be blocked by trucks. It will not be possible to collect by car until late in the evening or the following morning.

14th March 2018 Packing of exhibits for return by the exhibition team in the unpacking room. Deadline for exhibitors collecting their works themselves.

15th March 2018, 2:00 Handing over of objects to Schenker/Munich Trade Fair. After this, objects can only be collected by exhibitors wishing to collect their exhibits themselves directly from Schenker/Munich Trade Fair.

From 19th March 2018 Return of objects by Schenker. Any damage incurred during transport must be documented photographically upon arrival and shown to the driver (forwarding agent or post). Damage to be reported to the „Talente“ organisation as soon as possible, at latest within four weeks.

End of April 2018 Expiry of insurance cover.

31st May 2018 Deadline for final invoices. For legal reasons, any invoices arriving after this deadline cannot be given consideration.

Selected Artists:
Kristy Bujanic BE Schmuck/jewellery, Agustina Chalupowicz AR Schmuck/jewellery, María Florencia Dato González AR Schmuck/jewellery, Lucy Ganley GB Schmuck/jewellery, Joanne Garner GB Schmuck/jewellery, Pia Groh AT/DE Schmuck/jewellery, Helen Habtay DE Schmuck/jewellery, Eva Hegedusová SK Schmuck/jewellery, Yajie Hu CN/GB Schmuck/jewellery, Michael Hull US Schmuck/jewellery, Tereza Jurusová CZ Schmuck/jewellery, Ye-Jee Lee SK Schmuck/jewellery, Najin Lee SK Schmuck/jewellery, Hadar Lioz IL Schmuck/jewellery, Clarissa Long CA Schmuck/jewellery, Maral Mamaghanizadeh IR/GB, Ayaka Miwa JP Schmuck/jewellery, Ebrahim Mohammadian BA Schmuck/jewellery, Ena Mulavdic BA Schmuck/jewellery, Ruby Parker GB Schmuck/jewellery, Leva Sadauskaitė LT Schmuck/jewellery, Eva Ulm CH/DE Schmuck/jewellery, Sehee Um PH/SK Schmuck/jewellery, Hanna-Maria Vanaküla EE Schmuck/jewellery, Grace Yu Piper NZ Schmuck/jewellery

Héloïse Colrat FR Glas/glass, Karin Forslund SE/US Glas/glass, Elise Grenois FR Glas/glass, Voijtêch Hepnar CZ Glas/glass, Mara Koos DE Glas/glass, Louise Lang DE Glas/glass, Benjamin Lintell GB Glas/glass, Małgorzata Mitka PL Glas/glass, Takeyoshi Mitsu JP Glas/glass, Janina Myronowa UA/PL Glas/glass, Adriana Pokorná CZ Glas/glass, Selina Weber DE Glas/glass

Johannes Bär DE Holz/wood, Quirin Herzinger DE Holz/wood, Etienne Hubert FR Holz/wood, Mari Iwamoto JP Holz/wood, Dana Knop DE Holz/wood, Marlou Rutten NL Holz/wood

Jonghwi Baek KR/DE Keramik/ceramics, Duane Bahia Benatti BR/DE Keramik/ceramics, Dingqi Chen CN/DE Keramik/ceramics, Jutta Galizia CH Keramik/ceramics, Moa Håkansson NO Keramik/ceramics, Maria Joanna Juchnowska PL/NO Keramik/ceramics, Katrin Kliemann DE Keramik/ceramics, Ahryun Lee SK/DE Keramik/ceramics, Christoph Liedtke DE Keramik/ceramics, Laura Martens NL Keramik/ceramics, Karina Marusińska PL/NO Keramik/ceramics,  Koizumi Natsumi JP Keramik/ceramics, Nadja Pfeuti CH Keramik/ceramics, Julia Saffer DE Keramik/ceramics, Jiang Shaoqing CN/SK Keramik/ceramics, Jessica Steel GB Keramik/ceramics, Sophie Wolf DE Keramik/ceramics,  Hyojung Yun SK/DE Keramik/ceramics

Jiing Bai CN Lack/lacquer

Materials & Technique
Denise Benzing DE Materialien u. Techniken/ materials and techniques, Naama Bergman IL/DE Materialien u. Techniken/ materials and techniques, Philipp Hiller DE Materialien u. Techniken/ materials and techniques, Anja Lapatsch DE Materialien u. Techniken/ materials and techniques, Miriam Schlägel AT Materialien u. Techniken/ materials and techniques, Lea Schücking DE Materialien u. Techniken/ materials and techniques

Charlotte Achkar FR Metall/metal, Meggie Borgers NL Metall/metal, Morten Bültel DE Metall/metal, Sofi Json Lidman SE/US Metall/metal, Jiyeon Lee SK Metall/metal, Eliška Nováková CZ Metall/metal, Kathleen Reilly GB Metall/metal, Zuzana Špiláková SK/CZ Metall/metal, MJ Tyson US Metall/metal, Chiang Yu-Hang TW Metall/metal

Julia Czirnich DE Möbel/furniture, Irene Delvai IT Möbel/furniture, Niko Endres DE Möbel/furniture, Evan Fay US Möbel/furniture, Anna Gramberger AT Möbel/furniture, Miriam Harig DE Möbel/furniture, Stefan Prattes AT Möbel/furniture, Audun Stikbakke No Möbel/furniture, Livia Teubersen AT Möbel/furniture, Ruben van Megen NL Möbel/furniture

Anne Deuter DE Papier/paper, Silas Schmidt von Wymeringhausen DE Papier/paper

Mariana Berecová SK Stein/stone, Renee Pearson NZ Stein/stone