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Ubi TopYoung 2016 Graduation Series for Contemporary Asian Jewellery

Award  /  24 Jul 2016  -  04 Sep 2016
Published: 11.06.2016
Ubi TopYoung 2016 Graduation Series for Contemporary Asian Jewellery.
Ubi Gallery
Machtelt Schelling
DEADLINE: 22/06/2016

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For the fourth time Ubi Gallery is inviting graduating Asian students to participate with their final contemporary wearables.
Ubi Gallery is a creative platform in Beijing, where high quality pieces of contemporary jewellery and ceramics are on display. Ubi is the first gallery in China to offer a platform for these disciplines. The collection is focused on the work of young Asian artists. Ubi means ‘where’, it refers to moving and arriving, it is about asking questions. The gallery offers a platform to those great designers and artists who through their work keep us curious. Ubi Gallery is founded in autumn 2012 and is situated in the historical area of Dashilar in Beijing, located south of the Forbidden City.

Ubi Top Young 2016:
Besides organizing exhibitions, Ubi Gallery is also active in organizing non-for profit events, as lectures and workshops for the design community and art academies in China. Ubi Gallery aims to be a platform where people from the field of contemporary jewellery find a space to meet, to get to know customers, a space where they are challenged to develop their work, a place where they are proud to show their results and open to meet a community to start a dialogue.
As the contemporary jewellery is still young in many parts of Asia, offering a platform is the only thing that really can accelerate the development. The exhibition for graduates from Asia is therefore created and has been organized in 2013 for the first time and will be continued every year after.

There will be a promotion exhibition for the top three winners at Ubi Gallery within a year after the Top Young 2016 exhibition. For all 3 award winners the gallery will organize media events.


- Deadline for application by email is 18th Jun 2016.

- Decision of selection on images 24st Jun. Successful applicants will be contacted via email before 26th Jun and the list will be announced on the website of Ubi Gallery.
- Deadline for receiving the objects to Beijing - before 10th Aug.
- Opening exhibition 24th Jul.
- Seminar and Ubi Party 24th Jul.
- Exhibition 24thJul - 4th Sept.

>> Download the conditions & application form
>> Winners Ubi Top Young 2013-2015

  • The exhibition is aimed specifically at graduates of contemporary jewellery, born and educated in Asia and now (summer 2016) finishing their bachelor or master in contemporary jewellery in either an Academy in Asia, or abroad.
  • The entry must consists of one of their current graduation piece
  • There is no application fee involved

  • Due to the space we can only exhibit wearable jewellery. Submissions of installations or photography will not be accepted.
  • The selection for the Graduation exhibition will be based on the personal choice of the owner and curator
  • of Ubi Gallery. A personal and creative language, skilled use of material, a worked through concept - all are taken into consideration while making the selection.
  • The selection for the Gold, Silver and Bronze award will be done by a jury of professionals from the field of contemporary jewellery from Asia.