Doris Betz, Jewellery and Drawing by Arnoldsche Art Publishers

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Published: 09.03.2017
Doris Betz, Jewellery and Drawing by Arnoldsche Art Publishers.
Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein
Monika Fahn

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The publication Doris Betz. Jewelery and drawing, by Arnoldsche Art Publishers, Stuttgart, edited by Iris von der Tann, with texts by Monika Fahn, Ira Mazzoni, Pravu Mazumdar, Olga Zobel will be presented by Doris Betz and Dirk Allgaier.


Artist list

Doris Betz
Doris Betz is devoted to exploring linear form in her work. In jewellery objects and drawings she fathoms the depths of the potential of the line and the possibilities of the material silver, which she contorts, turns, rolls and turns again, finally lacquering, oxidising or patinating with a flame. Unforeseen, fragile-looking, poetic formations emerge from overlaps, knots and layers, which render visible the relationship to a vegetal language of natural forms - a source of inspiration for the artist.

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Doris Betz. Necklace: Single loop, 2016. Patinated silver.. 70 cm. Photo by: Bernhard Roth. On Doris. Doris Betz
Necklace: Single loop, 2016
Patinated silver.
70 cm
Photo by: Bernhard Roth

On Doris

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