Presentation Giornale agc: Issue # 2

Book presentation  /  01 Jun 2008  -  01 Sep 2008
Published: 18.07.2008
AGC website

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AGC presents the bilingual Italian_English version of their magazine, free to consult and downloadable from their website.
The association’s website, first launched just after AGC foundation in the summer 2004, was expanded and redesigned last year, to meet the members’ need for a more comprehensive community platform.
The Editorial team began working on the Giornale agc shortly after that, as we felt our members could do with a bit of light reading during their pickling breaks.
The first issue had been released last November and it is available online for free in the AGC's website. May 2008 has seen its second release, this time in a bilingual Italian-English version as we really wanted to complement the member-focused website with a means to look at, and reflect upon, jewellery’s place within a larger cultural context. 

This might explain some of our editorial choices:
For our covers, we decided to use old black and white stills from movie scenes that somehow involve jewellery: scenes which remind us that the objects we create soon get sugar (or acid-) coated in collective fantasies, and take center stage in social rituals that will outlast them.
Then we have the 'cabinet de curiosité', showcasing images that poped out of the endless stream of things we look at, and whose bizarre beauty we want to share with our readers.
The articles, finally, try to look at the broader picture: not necessarily the ‘here and now’, but rather the historical context, critical theories and creatives methods that shape up our practice.
Amazing work is produced everyday in the relative anonimity of distant workshops: we intend this publication to give it the context it deserves. 


Editorial team: Semeraro, Lignel, Lombardo