Presentation Giornale agc: Issue # 3

Book presentation  /  01 Sep 2009  -  01 Dec 2009
Published: 09.09.2009
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Bis repetita placent, or so the latin teacher assured us, many years ago: the things that please are those repeated.

Things get a bit more complicated in a practice that traditionally shuns mechanical reproduction, and hold the hand-made and the unique as core values. Is craft compatible with repeat production? This third issue of il giornale agc set out to provide some answers to the question: we invited makers and critics to write on the subject, and their contributions revealed two things: that the debate on the subject of reproduction - or seriality - in craft is quite polemic, and that it is inescapably linked to individual’s definitions of what craft actually is.

For the first time, the entire issue of the giornale is devoted to a single theme: we believe that this thorny subject would benefit from a multiplicity of viewpoints, and from a certain ‘relentlessness’. We also hoped to manifest, indirectly, just how diverse approaches to contemporary jewellery can be. 


Editorial team:
Alessia Semeraro
Benjamin Lingel
Andrea Lombardo