Ruudt Peters: Anima Art Edition

Book presentation  /  15 May 2010  -  25 Jun 2010
Published: 25.05.2010
Ruudt, Peters.

Ruudt, Peters

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Presenting the release of Anima Art Edition:  Anima book accompanied by a unique necklace in aluminium and rubber - limited edition of 99 pieces numbered and signed. Email now to book your edition.

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Ruudt Peters
Anima Art Edition: 
book with necklace in cardboard box - Edition of 99 pieces numbered and signed. 

Soon a book of Ruudt Peters’ latest work ANIMA and ANIMA PLATINA will be published. If you are familiar with his work, then you will not be surprised that the book will be accompanied by an art edition. The proceeds will be used to support publishing the book.


For a considerable time now Ruudt Peters has been exploring the feminine subconscious in the male (the ANIMA) as a guiding principle for his design. Over the past year he has been drawing blind in order to achieve more freedom in his thinking. These drawings give expression to an unknown terrain in his visual language. The principle in theme is, the less you control the design, the more freedom and room in the ultimate product. As a continuation of this technique he has been drawing with wax underwater. This action generates an unfamiliar language. It is movement that solidifies what arises from the subconscious. A fluid line is caught in coagulated form. This process produces a totally different sort of design with regard to freedom, thought and expression. The works are gracious, delicate, and fragile. Made in aluminium, silver, gold and platinum.

© By the author. Read Copyright.