108 by Herman Sun

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Published: 01.10.2020
Herman Sun. Pendant: Untitled, 2020. Silver plated with 18K gold.. From series: Dragon Shells. Herman Sun
Pendant: Untitled, 2020
Silver plated with 18K gold.
From series: Dragon Shells
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The number “108” is easily associated with “hero” for the Chinese people, while the word “hero” coincides with both Herman’s works and the strong aura that he radiates. Every piece of Herman’s work is like a “weapon” he forged, and every “weapon” is just like himself, always maintaining an “excessive” combat state. They look weird and unruly, but hold a concealed mystery at the same time. The 108 pieces of “weapon” are sealed in the specific object “jewelry”. When you approach it and “stare at” it, you will suddenly feel that it may rush out from this space at any time.