Exhibition  /  24 Nov 2015  -  31 Dec 2015
Published: 22.11.2015

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Testa Gallery presents the last show of the year, celebrating 15 years of existence. A group exhibition with artists from different areas of contemporary art coming togheter in this special place.

Artist list

Jenya Adamova, Zwetelina Alexieva, Neva Balnikova, Iris Bodemer, Velislava Bojilova, Prof. Bojidar Bonchev, Silvia Chaneva, Prof. Dimitar Delchev, Rada Dicheva, Polina Dimitrova, Prof. Georgi Georgiev, Birgit Hagmann, Anke Hennig, Mirjam Hiller, Prof. Krasimir Jidrov, Ekaterina Lachova, Lehmann & Schmedding, Dimitar Nikolaev, Melanie Nuetzel, Viktor Pavlov, Dimitar Petrov, Ulrike Poelk, Martina Pont, Ana Maria Ramirez, Antoaneta Ramjuly, Nora Rochel, Nikolay Sardamov, Simeon Shomov, Yana Tankovska, Rositsa Trendafilova, Evgeniya Tsankova, Maria Tsimpiskaki, Angelina Tsvetkova, Ljubomir Vutov, Yana Yunakova
After the series of solo exhibitions presented throughout the year, we shall officially celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of TESTA gallery’s creation with the group exhibition “15”. The beginning was in 2000, the idea - to present contemporary ceramics. This was the direction in the following years until 2001 when part of the concept also included the presentation of contemporary art and designer jewellery.

The authors we invited to participate in the “15” exhibition work in different areas of contemporary art, but together form some kind of a map of the road we have travelled so far. From the ceramics which took us to this journey to the most provocative ideas in contemporary jewellery and, most of all, to their meeting place. This is the place where we are today.

We thank all the authors for being part of our journey.

Opening: 24th November, 18h-22h.-2016-2016