Abundance by Margit Paulin

Exhibition  /  16 Jun 2023  -  22 Jul 2023
Published: 04.07.2023
Exhibition display .
Exhibition display 

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ABUNDANCE draws inspiration from the discovery of one's place, the process of adapting to it, and the emotions that emerge from existence and living. Joy, sadness, loneliness, and fear, all of these are portrayed through the offerings of the garden and the forest.

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Margit Paulin
It is often the little things, beyond our control, that bring us joy... You arrive at a place that you recognize from afar, as if it has been awaiting your arrival... The intuition is so right, yet comprehending how to navigate it all remains a mystery... You trust and accept it as it is, as you are, simply existing... And simple things will unfold irrespective of your influence, when you take a moment to pause... You observe that the currants are larger today than the last time, and the cranberries juicier than before. The mind and palate become saturated with abundance, the soul finds solace, and no more is needed!

The showcased jewelry is meticulously handcrafted, with the gemstones cut by the artist using traditional goldsmithing techniques. The materials encompass natural gemstones from Finland, Kenya, the United States, and the artist's personal collection. Additionally, there are both freshwater and saltwater pearls from Hawaii and Japan, along with silver, gold, and zinc alloy.

Margit Paulin (1980) is an Estonian jewelry artist who brings her creations to life in her home studio situated in a small village amidst the sea and the forest. Paulin's work primarily revolves around the juxtaposition of worldly experiences with introspection. Through shapes and materials derived from nature, the artist expresses the interplay between the individual and the vast world. Sailors have a saying: "The sea gives, the sea takes!" For Paulin, the same synergy of natural law applies everywhere—nature requires preservation in order to provide more. In 2012, Paulin graduated from the Department of Metal Art at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Driven by a profound interest in gemstones, she continues her studies in gemology at the American Gemological Institute. Paulin has participated in several exhibitions primarily in her homeland, as well as in Israel.

Dates: From 16th June to 22nd July.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 10 am-6 pm. Saturday: 11 am - 4 pm.