Achitectural Jewellery

Exhibition  /  28 Oct 2010  -  29 Nov 2010
Published: 08.11.2010
Meduza Gallery Koper

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The exhibition at the Gallery Medusa in Koper, Slovenia is the first one among the series of traveling exhibition around the world. Each country where the exhibition will travel will represent the artsists and the jewellery from that field.
Analogies between the jewelry and architecture were quite recent discovery. At first glance it seems that the links between architecture and the jewellery is not possible. The architecture is the macro size and the jewellery is the micro size. The first one protects us from outer space and influences the other embellishments us, grant a sense of beauty and a sort of a status in our environment.

Yet, jewellery and architecture in their own way reflect the views of the space where we live, represent an achievement in design, creative dimension to the wider society and individuals. Both artists express their opinions; participate in the complex process of creation and definition of the environment. Also, both with great creative freedom that allows the most varied forms of expression, reflect attitudes towards the environment in which are formed and lives. Their links can be searched in the use of materials and a common visual language.

Exhibition "Architectural jewelry" explores the interaction between the inner and outer world, the role of light and dark, full and empty, all the factors that determine the space in which to develop and operate our emotions. It's a research concept, which encourages the creation at all levels of human activity.
The artists at the exhibition..
The artists at the exhibition.

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