Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School. MFA Degree Show 2018. Symbiosis by Anastasia Kandaraki

Exhibition  /  27 Feb 2019  -  09 Mar 2019
Published: 18.02.2019
Anastasia Kandaraki. Brooch: Symbiosis #1, 2018. Maple wood, steel, color.. 8 x19 x 5 cm. Photo by: Orestis Rovakis. Anastasia Kandaraki
Brooch: Symbiosis #1, 2018
Maple wood, steel, color.
8 x19 x 5 cm
Photo by: Orestis Rovakis
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Symbiosis stands for interdependence; coupling; interaction; the attempt of two different organisms to support one another for survival.