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Exhibition  /  05 Jul 2024  -  29 Sep 2024
Published: 05.07.2024
Impression of the Hand-Selected by Sam Tho Duong exhibition
. Photo Sam Tho Duong.
Impression of the Hand-Selected by Sam Tho Duong exhibition
Photo Sam Tho Duong

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Within in the context of 'Ornamenta Pleasure' (Ornamenta Lust) and concurrent with ORNAMENTA 2024 in Pforzheim and the Northern Black Forest region, Pforzheim’s Jewellery Museum hosts a number of participative activities in dialogue with its Historical and Modern collections. It showcases individual positions of contemporary jewellery artists and students, as well as all those who are interested, and gives them an opportunity to participate in discussions and to share creative ideas.
Both themes revolve around genuine values, symbolic meaning, and feelings or longings. Pieces of jewellery may be regarded as luxury objects, but they radiate a special aura that they derive from the ideas people associate with them. In collaboration with all those involved, the Jewellery Museum will be spotlighting what they consider valuable. 

The Votes Are Being Cast  – Visitors‘ Choices

In the Historical Collection room, visitors and groups assembled by cooperation partners from educational and sociocultural institutions have an opportunity to slip into the role of curators and compose an exhibition themselves – including jewellery they have made themselves in workshops, where they can explore and experiment to allow their creativity to unfold, and discover the collection anew.
Questions that may arise are: why is jewellery being worn? Does it have to be wearable at all? What constitutes the value of jewellery, and what is valuable, or precious (to us)? If it’s not the material, is it the underlying idea, the craftsmanship involved, a piece’s rarity, or the memories attached to it?

Those who would like to participate in a workshop are asked to please contact
Every week, a new selection of jewellery creations is posted on Instagram for people to submit their votes. The pieces that receive the highest number of votes will be exhibited afterwards.

Hand-selected – by Sam Tho Duong

In the Modern Collection area, the internationally esteemed jewellery artist Sam Tho Duong, who lives in Pforzheim, showcases his own work in dialogue with objects created by ten jewellery designer friends of his, as well as some of the museum’s collection.

Sam Tho Duong’s comment about how he selected the artists:
'I allowed myself to be guided by the feelings their jewellery evoked in me. I was fascinated greatly by these jewellery artists at least during one of their creative periods.'

Artist list (Hand-selected – by Sam Tho Duong)
David Bielander, Alexander Blank, Helen BrittonPaul Derrez, Mirjam Hiller, Jiro Kamata, Daniel Kruger, Silke Spitzer, Christoph Straube, Lifu Zhou

Admission is included in the ticket for the permanent exhibition