All That Glitters. Spectacular Costume Jewellery from the Josef Wiggers Collection

Exhibition  /  11 Jul 2021  -  21 Nov 2021
Published: 14.07.2021
Joseff Hollywood. Set: Untitled, 2021. Gold, Gem. Photo by: Sushilla Kouwen. Earclips and necklace.. Joseff Hollywood
Set: Untitled, 2021
Gold, Gem
Photo by: Sushilla Kouwen
Earclips and necklace.
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In 2016, CODA acquired a large part of the costume jewellery collection compiled by Jozef Joop Wiggers (1934-2017). Wiggers was not only a graphic designer, painter and publisher of the popular Dutch comic strip Jan, Jans en de kinderen, but also a passionate collector and keen appreciator of beautiful things. During one of his many visits to book fairs, he discovered artists’ books about costume jewellery. This marked the start of his collection and his passion for costume jewellery.