All or Nothing: Collection Jurriaan van den Berg

Exhibition  /  Collecting  /  08 Jan 2018  -  29 Apr 2018
Published: 22.01.2018
Caroline Broadhead. Bracelet: Armband, 1978. Wood, cotton.. Caroline Broadhead
Bracelet: Armband, 1978
Wood, cotton.
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Passionate, dedicated and with his own personal view on jewellery art; for Jurriaan van den Berg, building up a private collection meant all or nothing. Over almost four decades he compiled a jewellery collection of museological quality. With over 600 objects, it was also one of the largest private collections in the Netherlands. In 2008 and 2009 he donated 250 pieces of jewellery to Museum Arnhem, objects he felt were a fitting, if not crucial, addition to the existing collection. With Museum Arnhem closing for expansion and renovation, CODA Museum Apeldoorn decided to show a selection from this donation in the exhibition All or Nothing (Alles of Niets).