Allures et Parures, nouveau regard sur la Hollande

Exhibition  /  28 Mar 2009  -  31 May 2009
Published: 19.03.2009
Annelies Planteydt. Necklace: Beautiful city-purple green quarters, 2008. Gold, tantalum, pigments. 18 x 36 cm. Annelies Planteydt
Necklace: Beautiful city-purple green quarters, 2008
Gold, tantalum, pigments
18 x 36 cm
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Solidor Art Space presents an exhibition, where you can see five women and their passion for jewellery, Annelies Planteijdt, Carla Nuis, Suzanne Esser, Lucy Sarneel, Birgit Laken. (...)Each of the women has been working in jewellery design for a long time, and each has developed her own style with no concern for current trends.(...)