Andi Gut and Peter Bauhuis: Vessel and Dishes

Exhibition  /  20 Oct 2012  -  12 Dec 2012
Published: 24.10.2012
Andi Gut and Peter Bauhuis: Vessel and Dishes.
Galerie Ra
Paul Derrez

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Jewellery and objects, both transmitting and recieving, carefully made and preciously exhibited by the true friends and real collegues Andi Gut and Peter Bauhuis.

Artist list

Andi Gut, Peter Bauhuis
The exhibition title alludes to the similarities, regarding form and function, between vessels and dishes for everyday use and astronomic devices (called dishes as well). The concepts of transmitting and receiving illustrate the both-way interaction between objects or jewellery worn and their viewer. 

Andi Gut has interpreted the exhibition's theme into a collection of big necklaces using nylon and metal. The work's title is "dishes" and referes both to the origin of the recycled metals he uses, as well as to the analogy of form of transmitting, expecting and receiving devices for communication.

Peter Bauhuis will be showing about 30 bowls, which also are called "dishes" and appear to look in on the world. These are outcome of a series of ‘experiments’ in which different alloys are cast simultanously and created extraordinary colours and patterns.
The ‘orifice’ brooches as well emphasize on inside and outside – staring at us like curious beings, receiving our reactions in the same time

The exhibition includes Andi and Peter's first collaborative piece.
Peter Bauhuis. Bowl: Untitled, 2012. Diverse metals. Peter Bauhuis
Bowl: Untitled, 2012
Diverse metals
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Andi Gut. Necklace: Untitled, 2012. Nylon, Aluminium. Andi Gut
Necklace: Untitled, 2012
Nylon, Aluminium
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